Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Letting Go

Most 'letting go' posts would be about moving on from a relationship, I'm sure, hahaha! But not this one, fortunately. Reason is, I'm currently purging my wardrobe with stuff I've accumulated throughout the years and I'm  'letting go' some of my collections. I remember, when I first came to Cambodia I only brought a large suitcase and that was it. One pair of jeans, two tailored pants, a few jackets, a Margiela x Hermes sweater, t-shirts and two shoes: one fabric (Muji) and one leather (Jil Sander). I still have the Jil Sander but I've given away the Muji sneakers. I've outgrown wearing skinny jeans so I gave it away and I've practically stopped buying and wearing it. But now I've grown fond of Yohji Yamamoto's oversized designs so lately I saw myself picking pieces here and there. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Yohji is kinda expensive and I can't afford it most of the time. Even secondhand vintage is so expensive and you often don't encounter it in the thriftshop. Admittedly, Cambodia has a thriving business for thriftshops and vintage shopping. - the reason why my 'one suitcase arrival' balloned to I-don't-know-how-much-I-have-now. If shopping is a sport I'd probably be an Olympic gold medalist, I just love shopping! And finding something is just half of the fun. I actually just enjoy browsing and looking at things. I used to go thrift shopping almost everyday but I guess I've mellowed now and often just go when I'm in the mood. I used to buy anything that fancies my interest especially if it's a kind of designer brand or a pattern I haven't seen before. In Siem Reap there was a local market that sells second-hand clothes and I would often go there because I always find something interesting. Actually, I'm writing this post wearing a black pleated top from Issey Miyake that I got from there. About two years ago I moved to Phnom Penh and I saw the boom of thriftshops mushrooming like crazy. I haven't been to all but there's more than 10 good ones that's worth checking out. Most of the stuff they sell comes from Japan. There's one here called Don Don Down On Wednesday and it's a bit more curated than the original Toto and Sakura thriftstore that opened first. Originally from Japan, Don Don Down has a unique pricing scheme that'll make you come back. I've been checking out their stores here and currently have 4 outlets. Recent finds was this Comme des Garcons top from its mainline and a vintage Martin Margiela AIDS tee. So anyway, I realized I've been hoarding and hoarding but haven't really thought of what I'm going to do with all these stuff that I have. Lately, I've been loving wearing my own designs and most of the time the pieces I buy I just love for what it is but not on me. So I'm back to selling ye olde stuff. I used to do it at Poetry, my old store. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around opening one here in Phnom Penh so I'm doing it via Facebook. It's a very small affair because I have little time to upload a lot of stuff. I also think it's much better that way so each piece I put out is well considered. I'm afraid that if it gets too succesful I'll be tempted to thrift hoarde again and defeats the purpose of me curating and cutting down my archive.

Above: Paul Smith belt from my For Sale project

Friday, July 24, 2015

Life Took Over

My last post was October 2014. I've tried reviving this blog, updating with just outfit posts and short, random chit chat of things that interests me. But I'm also into other forms of social media especially Instagram, which took over my interest, even eclipsing Facebook and sadly, this blog. Now I update FB, Twitter, & Tumblr via IG. Not that it's really important or necessary but in this day and age of over-sharing and connectiveness, you simply can't escape. Unless you really try hard. Unless it impedes your social interaction in the outside world. For me it's always been a virtual diary of sorts. I love looking back at images and it reminds me of certain feelings, of that moment. Maybe not quite the same feelings and emotions that particular time but rather a rosy, nostalgic sensation. I feel good seeing myself where I am now and what I have gone through. I'm not specifically fond of emotional posts that detail specific what-nots. I try not to explain myself. Recently I've avoided posting so much event photos or food shots, too. Anything that I feel too personal. I'm more into clothes and outfit posts. A bit materialistic and superficial there but it's a choice. Hahaha! So somehow this entry comes a bit of surprise. I'm feeling nostalgic, remembering when this blog was my main source of outlet and connection. I met really good friends through this. I documented some of the best and worst time of my life here. Life leads you to unexpected detours. Life takes charge. Work swamps. Whimsical affairs and preoccupations takes back seat, tossed around, forgotten. And somehow we thank memory and our ability to remember of things past. To take on what we've neglected. To continue this part of the journey. So bear with me, again.
denim jacket - Helmut Lang
shirt - Don Protasio
pants - Margaret Howell
shoes - Dr. Martens

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


jacket - Tsumori Chisato
pants - Yohji Yamamoto
shoes - Converse

Couldn't resist having my photo taken inside Wat Kiri Sela cave. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Trying To Be Normcore

shirt - Satoshi Tanaka
tank - Y's Yohji Yamamoto
pants - Don Protasio
slides - Adidas
frames - D&G
clutch - Ivarluski Aseron
watch - G-Shock

Fresh and Healthy

I've been trying to eat healthy to counter all the fatty, oily food I like so much. That's quite shocking since I was a strict vegetarian some years back. The transition from going vegan was quite abrupt and I did it without much thought. I was into it quite seriously for about a year and shifted to eating fish, thereafter. About two years ago I began eating meat, specifically pork, after being addicted to bacon and this turbo-grilled pork similar to lechon. Before I was quite a chicken eater and my vice was KFC Hot & Crispy. I seldom eat chicken now. I've never been a fan of beef except for corned beef. For now I can't say I can commit to a vegetarian diet although one remnant of that eating habit is that I still prefer drinking soya milk. Hopefully, I can transition to eating more fibres everyday if I consciously try to make it a choice.    

Friday, August 29, 2014

Wrinkly Vest

vest - Issey Miyake
shirt & pants - Don Protasio
shoes - Yohji Yamamoto
watch - G-Shock

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dark Clouds Coming

kimono - Issey Miyake
shirt & pants - Don Protasio
shoes - tabi
hat - M. Inoue

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

He Called It An Old Sack

vest, tank & pants - Don Protasio
shoes - Timo Bellini
shades - Ray-Ban
watch - G-Shock

A guy asked me why I'm running around town wearing an old sack. I said it takes conviction to wear an old sack. 


shirt & pants - Don Protasio
shoes - Whoop-de-doo
hat - Issey Miyake
watch - G-Shock

I'm wearing a new buttondown shirt that I designed with slit sleeves and bum flap.