Monday, June 26, 2006

And I also saw this...

Cecile Zamora's Manila Style at has this caption:

The off-duty model. "I always have to run after Ria Bolivar after fashion shows as I am more interested in her own style than the clothes she wears on the ramp. This was taken just as she was rushing out of the Rockwell Tent."

Taken at the Bench underwear show fitting

All photos from Manila Style. Check it out and see what the pips in cosmo-manille are wearing.


See what I saw!

According to the fashpack when they reviewed Inno Sotto's latest fashion show:
allegra under the pink sky of the secret garden"

Phew! What a long title.

"ria boliver was his chosen bride. this is the gal to watch, the next in line for supermodeldom. her long limbs, swan-like neck and compact head make her look like she's six feet tall, but if we're not mistaken, she's actually only about 5'8"."


Check out
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Some Sort of a Comeback

I totally forgot I've got this blog! But no excuses, I've got tons to offer that I'll just bore you to death.

Just in case I'm not satisfying your blogging pleasure, do check out and Loads of interesting fasyon people to envy or to mock! Bwahahaha!

I wanna copy Cecile Zamora's street style documentation but I'll take pictures of the pips here in Iloilo. A sort of homage to STREETS mag or the straight-up pix of i-D mag.

Check out Ria Bolivar (in both blogs) , Virgie Moreno, Jujin and the rest of the style clan.

Life is too short not to do it in style.

Mwahand mwah!