Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Scratching my head

Feminine wash. Normal, common, in groceries...

Masculine wash!? WTF! Ngek!

AHA again

Dinner with fwends. KC and Sarah

Brews, Loven and Fate


Savorn-nich and Olive


Celestina at Inno's Alhambra


Payong lighting ek ek.


Fate and Freedom

Eel and salad

moi. I love my top by Junko Koshino.

Shop you mean?

Sunday, April 27, 2008


A collection of Louis-louishan (with kind apologies to my friend who has the same namesake as Mr. Vuitton. This is for you!)

Kung sino man ang nagdesign ng mga Louis-louishan na ito, please istand-up, please istand-up! LV Rainbow Brite. Goodmorningsirma'amsir, may Cha-nel di po kami.

LV Mura-kami. Mura lang po.

Naman! Gold metal case ang drama. Very LV Madam Auring.

LV Cherry Tomato and LV Multicolore Somewhere Over the Rainbow Collection. Pride!

LV Studs. In 3 colors! Marc Jacobs dies-dies laughing.

Angor Trade Center update

Swensen just opened.

The grocery is ok.

Funny sign. Hmmm...

Flower arrangements in the hallway.

A fabric store! Medyo, 'Made in India' for my taste but still...


I miss the kiddo.

Khmer New Year at Church

To celebrate Khmer New Year, the pips at church had some local talent showcase. We had the Apsara dance. Very interesting. Each hand movement has meaning. The body are articulated in exaggerated movements. Very interesting, indeed.

We had Khmer songs and other dances.

Brice and Cielo

Oh, they prepared Khmer food! Spring rolls, noodles, stew, etc.


LV sighting : Mini Lin (?)

Simple joys

Saba fish with potatoes and tomato relish

Fried onion, Indian style


Friday, April 25, 2008

moi again!

Strike the Pose in scarf from Laos

Costume: scarf from Laos, black top from thrift shop, white tee from Giordano, pinstripe pants by moi and Converse.