Friday, July 30, 2010

Recent HL finds

I obsessively collect Helmut Lang pieces from the thriftshop and the gracious kindness of my good friends who encourage my insanity. If I had the money I would buy pieces from eBay and seriously pump up my modest archive. Alas, I'm not at that point yet (seriously making plans to be at that position hahahaha!) but I'm still quite happy with the pieces I add whenever I go home. Here's some:

I seriously LOVE this piece. It's very HL, the strappy windbreaker in traffic orange. I'm sooooo happy when I got this.

This denim piece was produced 1997. Older HL labels have dates especially during the early to mid Melanie Ward years (her stylist/collaborator/muse).

This was given by Karl and it's from 1998

The HL underwear line was produced mainly in Japan and it was a cult hit when it came out. This piece is a fine example in red when it was unheard of to have underwear in strong colors. Helmut has a subversive streak.

This military green cotton twill pants is from the Prada years when the labels changed and they eliminated the collection dates.

Clothes, friends, food...

I went thrifting and got these pieces for my friend Mike who also gives me lots of stuff. He adores CDG PLAY so definitely he went crazy over this new piece for his collection.

I introduced him to this brand Mercibeaucoup and I think the graphic aesthetic is so him.

He likes quirky prints and Mercibeaucoup has that kind of cool, hip vibe to it.

I also bumped into my friend Sol and we briefly had some updating.

Dinner was at Al Dente which I missed. We had a huge Paella which surprisingly we finished.

Also, some deep fried squid rings and tentacles. Yum!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oyster House

Do you love oysters? Well, I do and it was perfect timing that my good friend, Tita Glenda, opened her newest resto called Oyster Bar near Villa Plaza in Arevalo. She treated us for lunch and it was sooooo delish!

The set-up is unlike those regular bahaykubo types. I appreciate the casual yet sleek atmosphere of the place.

They served several versions of the oysters. You can have it steamed (like the first pics) or baked with butter and garlic. This is my fave version.

They also have oyster in batter and deep fried with mayo dip.

We had kinilaw.

And diwal or Angelwings shell. So succulent and sweet taste.

They also have grilled catfish and kalampay, grilled native chicken, binakol na manok with fresh coconut, etc. So many seafoods and other stuff to eat.

It's so Pinoy to have fruit salad as dessert.


Tita Glenda, Tita Jaki, and Marlon.

Sir and Bo

I got this safety pin necklace from Human and customized it with a skull pendant I got from Bo.

Here I'm wearing another Norman Noriega creation from his f/w 10 collection.

I love the dramatic back. It's soooo comfy to wear. I paired it with an Issey Miyake pants, Muji bag and my trusty tabi boots.

Bo Parcon and Drape-y Top

Another one of my designer purchases was this Bo Parcon plaid sleeveless suit set.

When closed it looks like this. I paired with my DP 'Lyka' tee from f/w 2008.

I actually prefer wearing it with a sleeveless tank to emphasize the sleeveless-ness of it but some establishments in Iloilo wouldn't let guys in without sleeves. Yeah, I know, totally weird, non? It doesn't matter if you're wearing Junya Watanabe or Comme des Garcons or designer stuff. It's a hassle to argue.

The fit is so nice one me and I like that the top is tailored to perfection. Can't wait to wear it again.

This tank top is a lucky find and it's brandless.

Got this from the ukay for 100pesos and it's like some sort of two tanks fused together.

There's several ways to wear it and you know me I LOVE intellectual, transforming stuff. Very Comme des Garcons ;)

I paired it with corduroy pants from Marithe&Francois Girbaud which Tita Jaki gave me (Actually, I forced her to give it to me bwahahaha!).

And this Nike Air Rift was given to me by Tito Butz. I've been meaning to buy another pair since the white one I have is so old already. I saw one in Manila but they didn't have a size for me. It was black pa which I adore. Boooo! Maybe next time I'll be lucky.


Cheese Quesadelias

Seafood Chowder

Cappucino Creme Brulee


I touch my tummy and feel the evidence where all those stuff settled. Waaaahhhh!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My former boss and good friend Ditas Taleon treated me for snacks at this new resto in Robinsons Iloilo.

Originally from Cebu, Mooon Cafe serves Mexican food at very reasobale price. Ok, I don't get the name. Can someone explain it to me?

Ditas and her daughter Micah.

Bo and Rofel.

This Summer Cooler is soooo delish. So refreshing and nice.

Bo had this pasta with clams. It was good.

Ditas had this small tacos. I forgot what's it called.

My fave, the gambas. Omg! Super yummy! I would go back for this.

Rofel had this Vegetable Pizza which is ok.

And the biggest disappointment is my order of Tuna Belly. Ewwww, don't order.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Noriega Hoodie Wrap

One of the pieces I got from the f/w 2010 collection of Norman Noriega is this hoddie wrap thingy. It feels so soft and yummy on the skin!

I was so lucky because I got first dibs on his collection and reserved the pieces I liked even before the actual fashion show. Bwahahahahaha! (cue lightning and thunder). Honestly, he's one of the few Filipino designers I like wearing. I paired it with a tank from Folded&Hung, DP pants and canvas tabi boots.

I went thrifting with my friend Mike.

I used this Muji tote that Kiks gave me.

And this skull necklace is from Bo that I nicked from him. Hahaha!