Thursday, March 29, 2007

Providence looks so Mars

Ms. M brought me to see Providence, a residential development area. There is soemthing quite alien in their designs. But the place looks so nice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stella's Pre-wedding Party

Stella and Sherwin

Rof and Joan

moi, ste and jj

stella's brothers

ramie and rose salcedo, stella's parents. love the pearl necklace tita.

jj, christine and loraine

ian and stella's nephew

mich, rich and carlo

eden and ivy

ste, tin, loraine and daisy

joan and nonoy

ditas and stella

ian and bo

moi and rof

Emillion Lunch


Is that prawn tempura your eating Rofel?



moi in 5cm hoodie and Isabel Marant twist wool tank

Lunch with Michelle Madrigal

Miguel Cordova of Afrique's recently hosted an intimate lunch for ABS-CBN star Michelle Madrigal. We feasted on Miguel's specialty like Pinoy na Pinoy Pizza, Back Ribs, Clam Fettucine, Carbonara, Margherita Pizza, Kani Mango Salad and 4 kinds of chocolate cake. Needless to say, we had to have tea after to digest the food we ate.

ABS-CBN star Michelle Madrigal

Michelle and Rof

Stella and Ernie

Joan and Aron

Michelle and Miguel

moi and Jim

How did my weekend go? Well, I had a wonderful, mellow time by myself and with my friends.

Friday started with a wonderful lunch with Michelle Madrigal, hosted by my talented, good friend, Miguel Cordova of Afrique’s. As usual, Miguel prepared so many delicious dishes like crab mango salad, mushroom soup, margherita pizza, pinoy pizza with salted eggs, baby back ribs, fettucine with clams, and carbonara. For desserts, he presented a plate loaded with 4 kinds of chocolate cake! Of course, I never touched a single crumb of it. I’m just too weird coz I really am not a fan of chocolate cake. I was happy with my fave crab mango salad and margherita pizza. My dessert? (You think I won’t have dessert?hehehe) I indulged in a box of krispey kreme, instead, given by Jim Salas. Guess what’s my fave? Sugar glazed!

In the evening, Bo and moi decided to go to Bourbon Street, the latest happening place here in Metro Iloilo. Miner, Bo’s friend and client, was responsible for the wonderful food styling and all. He was just finishing his dessert (chocolate cake!) when we arrived. We congratulated him for a good job. About a week ago, Bourbon invited a select group of people to sample their latest addition to their menu. (I was supposed to write about it for The News Today but my editor changed my assignment in the middle of dinner. Just like that! But then again I had to attend another party that same night. No wonder I’m getting fat. Anyway, I’m writing all about it here.) We just had tsika tsika with friends and then decided to transfer at Flow. Stayed there until about 2am. We transferred to MO2 after and had more tsika tsika with Nacy and Ivan. Roger, who was with us, went ahead around 2:30am. Bo and moi went home around 3am, fully loaded with vodka and cherry.

Saturday was spent being alone in my room rummaging through my stuff. I had so much clothes that I don’t wear anymore. That’s the problem with having designer’s clothing; I just can’t simply give it away that easily. I’m thinking of the fashion cycle, the vintage value, the curse of acquiring such wonderful piece of iconic design. There were the printed Jean Paul Gaultier shirts, several Paul Smith pieces, a wonderful Dirk Bikkemberg jacket, some Fred Perry, a collection of Issey Miyake pleated pieces, some Dries Van Noten plus many more flotsam and jetsam.

“Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the boy, the boy who has everything?” I crooned while I was folding my stuff for storage. I read somewhere that it’s therapeutic to spring clean one’s closet. I felt less guilty shopping now because I’m giving away most of it (except the Issey Miyake pieces!), which means I have more space for more clothes! Recently got a weird Henrik Vibskob pants and I had fun wearing it for the Iloilo Yearbook opening.

My wish list for this season:
1. Jil Sander white shirt
2. Ann Demeulemeester black tee
3. Raf Simons pants
4. the latest Martin Margiela AIDS-tee
5. a vintage Helmut Lang suit
6. a vintage Issey Miyake pleated statement piece
7. Marc by Marc Jacobs tee
8. Yohji Yamamoto top
9. a whimsical piece from Dries Van Noten
10. a black&white Puma Weapon sneaker

Then around 5pm or so, I rushed to meet up with Stella, Jim and Matt Evans to have a late afternoon snack of batchoy and puto at Ted’s Lapaz Batchoy. It was my first meal of the day. Matt Evans is Pedro Penduko in the ABS-CBN show. Matt is funny. Really kanto. I didn’t realize he’s popular.

Apres, I met up with Monkeyboy. He borrowed a jacket from Bo. We then had coffee and shared a piece of Death by Chocolate. Bo ate most of it. I took a crumb and promptly bought a bag of Lays Potato Chips and C2. Monkeyboy had hot choco. We had a good time talking about this wannabe lifestyle writer/model/wedding organizer/marketing manager/el presidente/editor/self-confessed bitch that sired 2 mongrels by 2 different scoundrels. She had the audacity to malign the hyphenates, the jack-of-all-trades, the people who are so talented they invented multi-tasking. Envy, envy, envy. Tsk, tsk. She was sour graping because she’s not part of the hyphenate world anymore. She was slowly being dropped by her ‘fake friends’ because of her ‘wonderful’ personality. And she’s reduced to griping in her wonderful column about her fabulous life, like changing diapers and baby talk. And always planning, and planning, and planning and talking and writing about doing things. I wonder if she ever tried ‘doing’ it.

We had a good time laughing at her antics! Then we all went home.

Sunday was the birthday of Rofel. Hurriedly had breakfast then rushed to judge a Dog Costume Contest. A chocolate poodle won. His name is Crunchy and he was wearing a Sanrio racing outfit paired with metallic Sanrio booties and googles. So cute!

Lunchtime, Ms. Marichel treated Rofel, moi and Bo to lunch at Krua Thai. We had sour soup, fish with 5 herbs, sesame beef, garlic squid, pomelo salad, chili crabs (actually, it was Rofel who ate all the crabs). For desserts, we had chocolate cake (again!). It was given by Justin (How sweet!). I had a slice since I wanted to try Red Ribbon’s chocolate cake. Not bad. I love its chocolate flowers. Not so sweet at all.

We then transferred to Bigby’s for coffee. Emma and Oskar Nava with kids Oskie, Pia and their youngest were there. Had green tea. Rofel had strawberry tea. Ms. M and Bo had coffee. The next table to us had a Titanic Dessert – 30 scoops of ice cream with all the trimmings like wafer stick, chocolate syrup and nuts. I think it cost 800 pesos. If you finish it in 5 minutes, it’s on the house.

Went to church after. Nothing like feeding your soul and learning new things.

After church I went to Bo’s. I wanted to see him wearing the Comme des Garcons maroon pants I gave him. It fitted him perfectly. It’s my advance birthday gift to him. From there I went to Jaro at Christine’s. Had to pay the coffee body scrub and the milk lotion we got from her. She gave me dessert – peach gelatin with some peach custard on top. Yummy! Tsika, tsika, tsika. Then I walked home.

I was so tired I instantly dozed off to dreamland.

Madrigal Singers at Molo Church

Coffeebreak Moments

Met up with my guy friends at Coffeebreak. Talk centered on our Holy Week plans. Mike will go to Puerto Gallera while the rest of us is planning to go to Pandan at Marco's. JJ plans to extend to Boracay. Rof has work so he might do Pandan only. That leaves KL, Marco and moi. Hmmmm... We definitely had an overdose of iced tea. I didn't eat the whole day because I was fasting but it still didn't show that I was hungry in the picture. It felt great not eating anything.

Marco, Rof and JJ

KL, Mike and moi

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rofel's birthday

Ms. M treated Rof for a birthday lunch with Bo and moi. We headed to Messe but it was closed so we ended up at Krua Thai. Yummy food, I swear. Then we had coffee at Bigby's. The chocolate cake JJ gave to Rof was delicious.

at bigby's

food at krua thai

birthday boy

ms. m

bo, moi

Iloilo Guimaras Go Churching Presscon

Presscon for Iloilo and Guimaras' "Semana Santa, Go Churching" program. If you've got nowhere to go this Holy Week, go churching here in Iloilo. Hotels are 50% discount, promo rates for church tours south of Iloilo, Pagtaltal sa Guimaras and other packages. Boracay seems so old, like everybody is there every Holy Week. Try something new.

The people behind the "Go Churching" program of Iloilo Guimaras

Kathy jot down notes

Rofel and Stella

Ms. M and moi

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Justin John at Flow

JJ sent these pictures to me when we met up at Flow recently. R was not there so he really enjoyed the night partying with:

JJ and Roi

with Donald
with Bo

with moi


JJ, Marky and moi
my Campana bag