Sunday, July 29, 2012

Marichel and Ted

Iloilo has a wealth of cuisine and food tradition. Lucky for me (or a curse if I'm dieting) I have lots of chef and foodie friends. This bottled uga nga isda (dried anchovies) in olive oil is love. My friend Marichel made it.

She and Ted visited me here in Siem Reap and she is one of those foodie friends who is an expert. I must say Ted is also one, too. I experienced dining in their home and also in Ted's family house where a regular meal consist of 10 to 15 different kinds of dishes, all heirloom dishes of Ilonggo origin. Dishes like kadyos, baboy kag langka, manok sa ubad sang saging, pinamalhan, laswa, binakol, tinuom, etc.

Of course, I brought them around town to check out the many restaurants. They love Moloppor and Sugar Palm, especially the Amok.

One night we had dinner at Il Forno. Too bad there wasn't any bottarga that night.

We also tried Shabu House and Ted loved it there!

It was so nice catching up with them.


I went thrifting at the local market.

Fashion Diary:

top - Oak zipped hoodie jacket

bottom - DP

shoes - Timberland

bag - ArtBerg

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shinta Mani Preview

I was invited to the preview of the newly renovated Shinta Mani here in Siem Reap.

Designed by acclaimed architect Bill Bensley, it features his signature linear touches melding with dramatic flourishes.

Take for example these giant wooden balls scattered near the main stairwell. I don't know if it has functional value, like you can sit on it, but I love how interesting it is to look at.

How about this table with mutated legs? If only I could take it home.

This candle holder could be quite scary with the right lighting but it gives a surreal touch to the place.

The owner, Soukon Chanpedra, treated us guests to his restaurant, Kroya. It serves modernized presentations of beloved Khmer food.

There are touches of orange in the whole property. It gives a vibrant freshness to the eye in a background of calm grays and other neutrals.

Their rolls reminded me 'pan de sal'. So yummy! I think I ate like 5 of those.

The meal was good. But there's a lot to be improved. Particularly, my main of fish with a curry and passion fruit sauce didn't sit well with my taste. Passion fruit is not a traditional ingredient of Khmer cuisine so I did find it strange.

Overall, Shinta Mani is a must-see and must-stay if you are in Siem Reap.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012