Thursday, February 26, 2009

Le Magazine

Yawn, kinda bored with Vogue US na but I still keep on buying.

Always a good read.

I love Mega!

Not one of Preview's best cover.

Teen Vogue is delish!

Not as exciting as the previous issue.

I'm so over Vman. Not as exciting as before. I was bored with this issue.

AnOtherMan is genius. One of the best out there. So intelligent.

I'm a fan of Arena ever since I got its issue 6. Now it's celebrating its 30th years already. I get back to past issues I have and it never fails to inspire me.

Stephanie of Monaco as style icon. Winner! Carine is crazy! Plus a free 'pin-up' calendar.

Asia Life feature

Thanks Asia Life and Narisa for a wonderful feature about The Arts Lounge and for actually including my gibberish talks in the article. We love Asia Life!

Coffee at Amansara with Bill and John

Bill is a lawyer for the IRS while John is an architect doing Ralph Lauren stores.

Amansara is so chica! I love it there. Wish I could afford it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marc Bag and other stuff

This is the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I bought last year in Manila. It's obviously very Margielic from the color to the cute trompe l'oeil effects.

The coated canvas material seems very fragile and paper-y. So far I don't see any 'damage' to it unlike my CDG x H&M polka dot bag.

I'm planning to get another MbyMJ tote although I really don't need another one. This one I hardly even use.

The lining and label inside. So cute, no?

My obsession for a Balenciaga bag inspired Loven to make this bag for moi. So funny!

I really don't have the money to splurge on expensive bags. It's also quite naive to spend so much on luxury goods now that the economy is not that healthy.

The tote can be reversed with an 'iron and sickle' print. Communism vs Consumerism?

I don't really need another bag, seriously. Here's another bag I haven't been using although I love it. It was designed by my friend Jor-el. It's waterproof, made of tarp material. I think it's really a chic beach bag for guys like me who hates 'tropical' inspired stuff.

I can't wait to see his new designs using some woven chrome silver material.

Lastly, I love these two necklaces that Sarah gave me. Very Biba-ish or Ann D.-esque.

Except for the Marc tote the rest were given to me as gifts. Don't you just love receiving gifts?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Food stuff

I love food. Sorry, Kawadjan, I promised to go on a diet but when food is placed in front of me the resolve not to eat crumbles and I just have to indulge. Good thing Gibo is there for another moral support. Hehehehe! Anyway, pips my friend Olive cooked her speciality, shrimp with coconut cream and pineapple. Delish, I'm telling you. The sauce is so good with rice. Needless to say, I was stuffed to the brim after our meal.

We also had this saba fish fillet ala sisig. It was Loven who discovered that flaking grilled saba plus some onions and spices tasted like sisig. My mouth is watering while I'm writing this. The smoky flavor complements th creamy taste of the fish. We all just love it.

Recently, there's a new pizza place that opened at the Alley area, New York Pizza. I heard it's a chain from Singapore. It was sufficient but not something I'd recommend as a must-try. They have free wiFi so it's a nice hang-out place. The food was nothing great. Not horrible but...

The seafood pasta.

Onion rings

German sausage pizza. Faith said it was so-so.

Meatball pasta.

I'll give them time and try eating there again.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Sothea

I share with you the newly opened, The Sothea. This is the hallway near the main entrance.

One of the suites with deck where the guest can lounge.

The pool area. I want a private pool like this.

Directly across the entrance is the main restaurant. That's where we had dinner.

This one is like the courtyard area with cascading water treatments. I was told that the inspiration for the hotel is Angkor Wat with its series of waterways and moats.

The gift shop selling Khmer sculpture pieces.

There's also a hallway where they're currently exhibiting the floral works of John Watson.

Dinner at Sothea

My friend Sarah and Faith, the general manager and sales manager, respectively, of the newly opened Sothea, invited moi and several chic Siem Reap-ers for an intimate dinner and tour of the property.

Fresh from the Suitcase Sample Sale, my friend Eliz and moi, were wearing a couple of what we got. Hers was a sexy, secretary dress that she asked me to cut the sleeves off. Very Imitation of Christ. Mine was the Jennifer Scott strass collier that I love, love love! It was a tad feminine with the way I styled it with my DP droopy top. But, what the heck, it was dinner anyway.

Of course, I was coveting Eliz' Balenciaga bag. It's exactly the Balenciaga bag that I want, from the color to the style.

The dinner was lovely. We started with Squash Soup with Basil and Coconut Cream. For my main I had this Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Spices.

I love this dessert! It's my fave of the meal. A jack fruit flan with sour sup sauce and passion fruit sorbet. Divine! An explosive medley of flavors!

Here's Eliz with Sarah and Faith. Congratulations for the opening of Sothea!

Bina, Stuart, Loven, John, John's friend from UAE and the very pregnant Narisa.

I took pictures of the property and I'l share it with you next.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Siem Reap Suitcase Sale : my loot

I'm really happy with my loot from the Suitcase Sale. I either got them for a swap or I paid for it like less than $5. The first one I nabbed is this Le Sportsac prototype bag.

It's large, roomy and just the color I want. So Margielic! It has metal hardware hooks and zips for closure. It's really what I call an 'apartment' bag because you can just stuff everything inside and forget about it.

My friend Cheri and moi were debating about this rhinestone collier by Jennifer Scott. I thought it looked good on her but she deemed it too flashy on her. So I got. It's only $2, how can I not?! Nobody was really minding the Chanel costume earrings and at $2 I thought it's a steal.

Liz swapped with me some stuff for this wonderful Marc by Marc Jacobs cherry watch/necklace. I really, really, really loves it! I got loads of compliment from my friends and envied me for getting to it first.

Then she gave me 2 packs of Comme des Garcons perfume and this cute wallet that she bought in Tokyo. What can I do my friends love me?!

And finally, for $3, a really cool Martin Margiela tee with rolled sleeve.

The sale was a really good retail fix for moi and I can't wait for the next one.