Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Eairth-y stuff

I believe this tee you see here is what they call the 'Tausug' boy tee. I just LOVE it! It's their sample so they couldn't really sell it to me. But I'm crossing my fingers I'l get it coming October.

My friend Paul works there. We go a long way back in Iloilo when we're both doing theater productions. It's so nice to see him again.

I'm just fascinated with the whole going-ons whenever I visit a workshop. It's that part of designing that intrigues me the most. Manang here is draping and making the sample of one of their spring/summer 2010 pieces already.

The table of the designer, Melissa Dizon. That's not her, I think it's also one of her assistants.

Her mood board. Simply fascinating. Only the designer knows how all these elements can form into one coherent collection.

Now that's her, Melissa Dizon. Too bad she's not there during our visit. I would have loved to meet her.

I just had to take a snap of that piece of picture from her board. I love the poetry of tattered clothes.

I promised myself I'l come visit again when I'm in Manila. I learned they're constructing their new building for their flagship somewhere near their current place. Right now they share the space with Soumak so it'l be different when they really have their own space to fully display the universe and style of Eairth.

Monday, June 29, 2009

at Eairth

One of places I've been excited to visit in Manila is the Eairth workshop. It's such an amazing place to visit. We checked out their upcoming spring/summer collection.

Love this piece with an amazing print.

The fish print figures prominently in the collection. It's a bit surprising to see different colors like pale yellow, green and purple because from what I've seen from their catalogs of previous collections, Melissa Dizon, the designer of the label, favored neutral colors like white, gray and browns. I think she was inspired by the underwater landscape.

This piece is such a joy to look at. I loves it even though the color is not me. I'd wear that in white or black.

I came with my friend Khaz who kindly modeled some pieces for moi.

He's got a blog that you can read here. He's loving all the scarves and wrap pieces. He ended up buying an amazing piece.

The piece I'm wearing is something I'm definitely bent on buying. Got other pieces I will post about soon. More Eairth on my next post.

Stuff at Bench

My friend Liz would love the colors of these shirts. I believe it's Bench's summer tees as worn by Richard Guttierez in the billboards I saw in Manila. I like the pink and red. Quite similar to the American Apparel Summer tee that I got recently.

And I love this sosyal camisa chino/filipino they are selling in better fabric. This is a must when wearing barong. In yummy shades pa.

One thing I was excited to buy is the Mobo underwear collab. Sous-vetements...sous-yal!

I'm regretting I didn't buy the pink briefs. Got the blue, white and blue/yellow/white version only. I want the pink/blue/white boxers, also. Next time...


Kiel daw bought Mobo briefs because he was inspired by moi according to K. Isdatru? At pinakita nya pa kay K while he was wearing it. Hmmmm...

At Shang Mall

Had lunch with my amiga, Bo Parcon, who left for some R&R in Dubai a few days after. Notice he is wearing a tee by me. Let's just say he shopped in my suitcase.

Sipping my fave caramel frappe at Starbuck's. Shit, kamahal sang kape nila!

Then we met up with Aisha and Mike (wearing a YSL shirt) ...

and our 'yaya', Jor-el Espina, in Comme des Garcons, no less. Sosyal, no? I'm so happy for Jor-el because he got chosen as one of the new designers to watch out for in 2009 by Mega Magazine.

We checked out Paul Smith, Ben Sherman and Homme et Femme. Lots of sale pieces but the only thing I liked was the MMM 20th anniv bracelet. Didn't get it much to my regret now. Oh, well, next time. At Bench I got some Lesley Mobo undies, at Human a tee by the Joey Samson collab they had, and at Powerbooks the book called "Young European Designers".

Something odd happened after I took that picture above at Shang. A guard kindly asked me to stop taking pictures. I apologized since I know the guard is just doing what he's been instructed by management. Often I get embarassed in such situation. I just don't get it why it's not allowed to take pictures in the mall. Security threat ba?

Action Aimed Towards Subversion

Dear Friends and Family,

Let me first thank all of you who have supported me in the smallest to the biggest ways possible these past weeks before I left for my vacation; during the presentation of my capsule collection for PFW 09; my whirlwind cavort in Manille, Roxas, Cebu, Boracay, Iloilo and Bangkok; and so many other instances too numerous for me to mention here. My vacation was truly an inspiring one simply because you have been part of it and it made me really special to be there at that moment at that perfect time. Thank you for the treats, gifts and kind words you have given me. Thank you for the laughter, the stories and the tsikas. Thank you for sharing with me a part of you, a moment entwined with me forever. I am truly grateful and overflowing with good vibes just thinking about the wonderful things we have shared.

I am in Siem Reap now starting another 'journey' of sorts. Will tell you about it soon. But for the meantime I will be posting entries about my recent holiday.



Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Quick Post: at Style Anywhere

You'll never know who's going to snap your pix during fashion week. The whole week was a veritable fashion fest for all fashionistas, fashion savants and fashion lovers to play and display their style choices. Part of the ambiance, dahling. One street blogger to check is Style Anywhere. I'm lucky to be snapped by street fashion chronicler Onin here.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Quick Post: DP at Beautiful Things

One of the few interesting people I had the pleasure of hanging out with is Khaz of Beautiful Things. Omg, we love stuff, fashion and shopping so it was easy for us to click and bond. I'm going to make a separate post about our time at Eairth, Cecile Zamora van Straten's house and Homme et Femme. Anyhoot, he made an entry about the jacket he got from my latest collection here.

Quick Post: me at El Bosquejo

See me here:

Le outfit:
Crop Jacket - Don Protasio f/w 09
Tee: Joey Samson for Human
Pants: Don Protasio f/w 09
Shoes: Don Protasio f/w 09
Bag: Longchamp x Jeremy Scott

Thanks Paolo! ;)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Quick Post: LTE

Hola friends! I'm in Iloilo already after a whirlwind affair at Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2009. Daming tsika but it has to wait.

Anyhoot, my good friends at Las Tres Estrellas made an entry about my collection. So sweet of them. Please check it out here.

Will update more soon. Mag-uukay muna ako.