Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year

See you after 4 years, same date, different year.

Costume: black cardi from Phnom Penh, Giordano cotton tank in white, pinstripe pants by moi and the croc white pointed shoes I got from Orossey.

Valerie's Visit

Valerie has only one reason to visit Siem Reap.

Vintage shopping! Valentino isdatchu?

With Fate and Loven. We brought her to this vintage shop run by a Japanese girl who gets her stuff from Japan. So chika. I saw some Cacharel, some Moschino and other kaloka stuff. Marni-marnihan ang silhouette.

Apres, we went down to Laundry Bar. Hang-out place ng mga Pranses. Funny it's called laundry when most of them don't take a bath. Wehehehe...

That's Rafael, French Fries of Val.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Designing the Divine

Haven't heard of me for a few days because I was preparing for the opening of this one. I was at the gallery doing the lighting until 4am with one of the featured artist, Loven Ramos.

I was so tired but I really think our opening was succesful. I even sold 3 artworks! hehehe

Anonymous in Light (blue series) by Koun Sothea

The opening of Designing the Divine as curated by moi.

Freedom and Fate

Possesion by Loven Ramos

Desire by Loven Ramos

Anonymous in Light (dark blue) Koun Sothea

Indulgence by Loven Ramos

Designing the Divine

Anonymous in Light (red orange) by Koun Sothea

Loven Ramos

melted candle scene

Desire by Loven Ramos

Anonymous in Light Orange by Koun Sothea

Wealth by Loven Ramos

Vanity by Loven Ramos

Anonymous in Light (yellow green) by Koun Sothea

Youth by Loven Ramos


What do you think?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cielo's Birthday and Scrubble Club


Fate and Freedom

Birthday girl Cielo

so delish! so evil! and I don;t even like chocolates!

Scrabble Club

Loven, Cielo, Jessie, Irish and Rhea

Blady, Brice and Brewster

moi and Clave.

I won!

Prolung Khmer

A potter at Prolung Khmer

The kiln

Our potter friend at Prolung. He gives us discounts everytime. Once he even sold us a $85 plate for $15. That was a real bargain.