Monday, August 25, 2008


Anovaah!? Anung pecha na?!

DESIGN LAB Challenge 1 Deadline

Hey pips!

Just a little reminder that tomorrow, August 27, will be the deadline for the submission of entries for our little project. Will be accepting till very late so, go and make it werk!

And if you don't have an effing clue what I'm talking about please click here.

Illustration by Danny Roberts.

Zucca's 20th

My how time flies. I could still remember the first time I've encountered Zucca when Elsa Klench of CNN Style featured one of their fashion show. I couldn't even remember what year was that (but I was still very, very young then, so that makes me slightly youngish now, bwahahaha!) but I was clearly fascinated by their weird cuts, the use of military green color and knits that looked like it was made inside a mental institution. I was intrigued.

Eh, ang hirap pa naman malaman kung anu ang details at info about Japanese designers because most of their sites are in Japanese and there's no English translation. I'd get to read about them in i-D and Cream (not to be confused with the Ilonggo Cream ha for my Ilonggo friends).

My first Zucca piece was this inverted shirt cardigan hybrid that's still one of my favorite piece to wear because it travels so well and it has this interesting gray color which I can match with anything. I've gotten shirts and other stuff, too.

I was lucky I saw this at the airport in HK on my way to Siem Reap. It comes with a commemorative Zucca nylon plastic shopper which I use for carrying my ukay loots.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reading materials

Some of my bedside companions of late:

Dazed & Confused with guest editor, Vivienne Westwood.

Si Lola Viv in one of her manifesto readings.

Tita Carine's magazine, which I buy because of the pictures. Fantastic lay-out!

Kate in YSL.

I got Rofel to buy this book in Cebu coz it's on sale, Radical Fashion.

Included is my fave designer Helmut Lang. Also, Alaia, McQueen, Margiela, Kawakubo, Watanabe, Westwood, Chalayan and Gaultier.

A Magazine as edited by Kris Van Assche.

Kris Van Assche in a fitting with his muse

Fantastic Man featuring the intrepid Mr. Tom Ford.

GQ, I normally don't buy.

But tthere's a feature about Marc Jacobs and I simply have to check it out.

Muji book. I never regretted buying this because it has given me so much ideas and inspirations.

I love their simplistic advertisement from before.

The philosophy of Muji is captured in their serene ads. Timeless product shots of their best selling wares.

An ad from 1996 still looks so modern to me.

I've been meaning to buy this Yohji Yamamoto book ever since it got published. I finally chanced a copy at some bookstore in Manila and I grabbed the last copy.

It fascinates me to no end how a designer 'works'. Here's Yohji contemplating the fit of a suit.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

2 Birthdays

Freedom's Beijing Olympics slash Hawker style party.

Danesh's Spiderman party.

Make your mommies proud!


Another provocative ad from Benetton.

It's a full spread ad in the International Herald Tribune. Statement!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fashion Diary 4

Have I bored you with my sartorial choices lately?

Well, I've really toned down with my dressing into more ' conventional ' mode given the nature of my work (I still work in a hotel despite my art gallery/curator post, so scaring the guests is not an option) and also because the bulk of my ' unconventional ' outfits I've left behind in the Philippines. Really, being here in Cambodia there's really not that much event or venue where you can go a little bit creative with dressing coz it's either hot and you don't want to draw attention to yourself. Often, when it really gets busy with all the stuff I need to finish, comfort is really all I can think of because accessories and frilly attachments that I'm so fond of back home seems cumbersome especially if your are packing artworks and such. But I do try to look less monotone. Here's some of my looks recently:


Top: Muji navy shirt

Pants: ONLY skinny jeans

Bag: Longchamp

Shoes: Muji sneakers

Top: G stripe/polka dot vest over Giordano cotton tee

Pants: Don Protasio pants

Shoes: Puma by Jil Sander sneakers

The back of the knit vest.

Bag: eco bag from Marks&Spencer.

Top: Martin Margiela knit vest over a Penshoppe black tee

Pants: Don Protasio twist jodphur pants

Shoes: Converse

Top: Kenneth Cole pleated front stripe shirt with a vintage polka dot bow tie

Pants: Pinstripe from the ukay with lots of hanging belts

Shoes: K-Bond


Top: fuchsia Giordano Concepts tee

Pants: Bo Parcon cropped pants

Shoes: K-Bond in perforated leather

Socks: Friday socks from H&M


Top: Issey Miyake-ish top from the ukay

Pants: Don Protasio pants

Shoes: Nike Air Rift

Top: Bo Parcon shirt jacket over a vintage camo print shirt

Pants: Levi's 502

Shoes: K-Bond

Bag: Longchamp

Top: Gray vest with 'insect' pins over a black H&M tee

Pants: People Are People jeans

Shoes: Muji sneakers

Bag: Longchamp

Top: Benetton plaid shirt with H&M vest

Pants: People Are People jeans

Shoes: Muji sneakers

Stalking Noelene

Here's a funny one, Noelene Henderson, the bestest, coolest Sales Director in the planet had a little chat with me the morning she arrived from her month-long vacation from Australia.

She couldn't hide her glee telling me that her ex-husband called her and said, "You should be very careful. I googled your name and I found out that this FUCHSIABOY, is STALKING you, and putting pictures of you on his blog!"

Hahahaha! Moi, a stalker? Hahahaha! Hey, Mr. Ex-Husband of Noelene, why do you still google her name, huh? I'm tellin ya you've lost somethin precious! Hehehe!

Thanks for visiting, though.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DESIGN LAB Challenge 1

Do you have what it takes to be the next fashion design sensation?

Do you have the style that set trends and revolutionize dressing?

Do you have the chutzpah to create and call it a work of art?

Here's your chance, yes you, to become the fashion designer that you've wanted to be!

Unleash your inner Dior! Drape like Balenciaga! Rip like Kawakubo! Whatever you do be as creative, innovative and modern as you can be.


The challenge is to use a common material and transform it into something exciting, creative, wearable and aesthetically pleasing.


1. White paper

2. Clear tape


1. Create any design based on the challenge. Remember to only use the assigned materials.

2. After finishing your design, take a front and back view photograph of it. Make sure it's againts a darker, plain background. You can either wear it, put in a model, dressform or in a hanger.

3. Send the photograph to Please send also a picture of yourself that you want published.

4. Include your name, alias or designer name, title of piece and a brief description of your concept and idea about your creation.

5. Deadline for submission is on August 27.

6. I reserve the right to disqualify entries if I deem it vulgar or violate the rules of the challenge.

After the closing of submission, qualified entries will be posted for comments and discussion. There will be 2 surprise judges because the resident judge will be me.

Do you have what it takes to win Best Designer?


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


After being declared by Mega magazine as Model of the Year 2008, my fave Pinay supermowdel, Ria Bolivar was recently included in Preview magazine's 2008 Best Dressed list.

Ang bruha! Well, where would she get her fashion genes but from moi and Bo. Hehehe!

Ang bruha, has her own personal style, really. Ukay-ukay queen yan! Try mixing Vivienne Westwood top, Giordano tank, denim skirt, leggings, and furry boots in clashing colors.

Here's some shameless self promotion. Wearing my jacket.

and my dress, which they loved!

I actually think it was Ms. Chuvaness who first noticed Ria's unique style. Ria was her first Manila Style subject (now, with Mostly).

Here's some more pix of Ria from Ms. Chuvaness at the Preview Best Dressed Ball party.

Here she is in my creation, having an impromtu photo shoot.

Emote lang.

Here from Ms. Chuvaness again, in Rajo Laurel's creation.

I actually made this post for Lyka Bergen, who's a big fan of Ria. Ayan!