Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nora's Eatery

I love eating in small, out-of-the-way restaurants. Carinderias fascinates me especially those that serve traditional Filipino food. Usually you get the real taste of the dish when you eat there. Fancy restaurants usually alter or do some tweaking to a particular dish to suit the taste of their customers. Unlike in these small restos where they cook it the way they cook it at their homes. And it's not commercialized and the produce they use is fresh everyday. Ms. Marichel brought us there, moi, Loven and Ping. We fetched Loven and Ping from the pier. They came from Bacolod and that day was the Loven&Ping Day. I took a leave from office and Ms. Marichel, too, so we could tour Ping & Loven around, do ukay ukay, eat and meet up friends. Anyway the food at Nora's is delicious. The fish soup I had was sweet and the fish is fresh. No fishy smell or taste. They had chorizo, crab meat patties and other stuff. What a way to start a fun day. I'm returning there. And I'm telling you it's so cheap. As in cheap!

Sunday Dinner at Esca's

It has become a habit for my friends and I to have Sunday dinner at Esca's. After church (we have different religions and faith) we converge there. I usually order daing na bangus (boneless). Ivan orders squash&string beans with coconut milk, mike's chicken&pork adobo. The food reminds us of home. The place is good for tsika tsika and if you want to backbite somebody (hehehehe). See you there.

Ivan and Mikki

My friend Ivan has been bugging me to give him the pix I took of them of Mikki at Flow. Being the good friend that I am, I'm interrupting our regular fuchsiaboy post to give way to Ivan's request. Bagay ba sila?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MEGA July 07

Kim Chiu and Helena Belmonte on the cover

Fashion Week Review: "Day 6: Grand Finale. The Philippine Fashion Week ended with a few standout collections. Don Protasio's amalgamation of monastic and futuristic references was superbly executed through tops made out of vintage barong materials paired with silver lame jodhpur pants."

My clothes in the fashion editorial "Tai Tai" inside. Styling by Patrick Ty. Photographed by Marc Nicdao. Make-up by Bobby Carlos. Model is Ana Sideco.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Campus Fashionista 07 Ad shooting

We gathered last year's winners, shinn salaya, james garcia, charlene casten and brix ferraris, for the shooting of campus fashionista model search 2007 ad. At the helm of the camera were the trio of Mayad. We kept the models running around the mall coz the concept was 'they are late for a photoshoot and they need to hurry up already'. Hehehe. We just made it up that instant. I saw the video already and I think we did a pretty good job. The video will be aired in the local GMA 7 channel.

Promenade dinner

John Castigador treated us for a very expensive dinner at Promenade. Good thing the place has different food station. (i was too hungry to take pictures of it) So i gorged on cheeses, grilled seafoods and some delicious crepes. i wish they had scallops pero wala. Wala lang, it was a lazy night for all of us. We made tsika and gossiped about the people in Iloilo (guilty pleasure,hehehe).

bo and miner

john and ivan

mike and moi

Congratulations Grendel

Congratulations Grendel for winning Philippine's Next Top Model.
Yes dahling, another Ilongga is making a name for herself in modeling.

Dinner for Louis Claparols

Miguel Cordova of Esca's and Robinsons hosted dinner for Louis Claparols after his first fashion show ever here in Iloilo. Maurice Arcache and Ria Bolivar were also special guests.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ivan in his TIKALON shirt

To order email me at protasiodon@yahoo.com. I will give the number of TIKALON shirt where you can text your orders and inquire about the price.

Quiet time with my two friends

At the end of a busy day there is something comforting with a quiet dinner with friends.


moi and mike