Friday, August 31, 2007

Lunch at Afrique's




lately, i've been doing lunch.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Preview Magazine's 12 Young Designers to Watch Out For

Preview picks the city's hottest new fashion design talents and teams up with the mannequins of the Proffesional Models Association of the Philippines in celebration of it's 20th Year.

The cover

Don Protasio (ehem)

Martin Benedict Bautista

Regine Dulay

Janno Farrales

Jerome Lorico

Catherine Cavilte

Bea Albert

Aries Lagat

Joel Escober

Tina Navarro

Donn Delantar

Veejay Floresca

'Evening Splendor' is Photographed by Jeanne Young, Sittings Editor: Liz Uy, Giselle Go, Mariane Perez. Art Direction by: Vince Uy. Preview September 2007 Issue. Special thanks to JM Ballaran for the scans! :D (lifted from Martin Bautista's blog)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red Parteeh at Flow

ivan, mikki and mike

kathy and vincent

Bulak and Engel

Bo and Roi

Angel and Justin

John C.

Mark and JR






Sarah J.

The very red Mikki and Mike


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Red Party at Flow

Free dinner courtesy of Rof&JJ

I insisted that Rofel and Justin treat me for dinner after knowing that they treated Ivan for dinner, also. Of course, they didn't have a choice really so off we were to Esca's, my choice by the way, because I was craving for Daing na Bangus. Red Ribbon also sent me their divinely sinful Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse. Thanks RR! At the nearby table I saw Miguel, Roi and 'so-very-sowee-but-I-forgot-ur-name', having dinner also. gave them 3 slices of the cake. Then moi, jj and rof talked about hippos, losing weight and abstaining from rice while gorging on the cake. Ironic, isn't it? hehehe

Rofel and Justin



The Peanutbutter Chocolate Mousse Cake Red Ribbon gave me


At Afrique's Hughes

We were all craving for Seafood Pasta so Afrique's is it again.

Luigi and Jovan

Ivan and Jor-el



In Ben Sherman Union Jack shirt

I'm loving it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Freedom's Birthday Party

It was a full moon ago, dahling, when Freedom, muy simpatico and unico hijo of the fab couple Loven and Fate Ramos, celebrated his birthday at his grandmother Doña Love's garden mansion at le exotique Tagbak. It was definitely a chi-chi affair attended by glam and fab people from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, media and politics. Palangga, Freedom's Lola Nanny was seen here, there and everywhere attending to the guests. Her Tita Lovegrace, in no less than a Zac Posen number, was also busily making sure the affair runs smoothly. Freedom, in a bespoke Ralph Lauren baby blue number, is on an extended vacation here from Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia. Visibly absent were his parents Loven, creative director of Spoolworks and Fate, the lady with the 4 B's, breeding, body, booty and boobs, who were tied up with work. Apres when everyone was filled with food and beveragic delight, everyone endulged in more gossiping and dessert. Definitely, the party was a success, n'est ce past? Bon natale Freedom!

The birthday boy

Nanny and Freedom

Nanny, Tita Suzette w AJ and Tita Chinx

The 'ol fashion icing cake.

with Lola Love

freedom with lola nanny

flying kiss before i leave

moi with the little rascal