Friday, October 27, 2006

Loven Ramos

I decided to post some pictures taken by my good friend Loven Ramos. We go far back from college, doing Smudge stuff (the name of our event cum art extravaganza) with Faith (his wife). They are now based in Siem Riep Cambodia. They named their kid, Freedom. Cheers to love, faith and freedom!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Krua Thai dinner

Krua Thai celebrated their 2nd year and I was lucky to be invited. I was so busy eating that I forgot to take pictures of the food. So yummy! The dessert was my fave.

Elizabeth D. serving the tom yang gong (the owner)

Marichel Magalona

prawn springroll

spicy chips and durian chips

sticky rice with mangoes


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Metrowear 2006

Fashion designer Louis Claparols played paparazzi for a night at Metrowear's fashion show of Ivarluski Aseron and Joey Samson.

Leica Carpo

Metro Him editor-in-chief Carlo Tadiar & stylistTon Lao

Photographer Sara Black & Philippine Tatler's Karla Alindahao

Viktor jean's Ino Calluza

Metro Magazine Associate Fashion ed Corrine Allegre & Model Jackie Mitchell

Ivar Aseron & Mitzi Quilendrino

Metro Creative Director Luis Espiritu & Mel Cuevas(both in Joey Samson)

Stylist LA Consing Lopez, Preview Best Dressed 2006 Pam Gonzales in Zara & Metro Fashion Editor Trish Chua in Joey Samson

Bianca Valerio in Rajo Laurel

designer Patty Eustaqiuo, artists Maria Taniguchi & NormanCrisologo

designers Louis Claparols, Ivarluski Aseron & Brian Leyva

Accessory Designer Paul Herrera & Meryll Soriano

Mega Fashion Editor Patrick Ty in Joey Samson

designers Tippi Ocampo & Happy David

Lux Asia's Samantha Yen in a top from Marni's Room

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Photoshoot Chuva

Styled a photoshoot with Paul C. and Bo P.


Bo and Mich

Ian and his pandesals

doing the Blue Steel baby!


I love doing photoshoots. Too bad there are no fashion magazines here in Iloilo. There are lifestyle mags but the main focus is not fashion, just a part of it. This shoot is for a private event.


Yes dahlings, it's January 1, 2002! That is if you are using my defective camera. So fun! Everyday is, yeah right...

moi - the obligatory solo shot

Rofel in store for all seasons tee. sisterette! doesn't the tee say it all? hmmm...

John Wayne Sace

Jim Salas

Rina Taleon

Ivy, Eden and Daisy

Joan V.

Stella S.

Robotic fashion at Balenciaga

Nicholas Ghesquiere has always been fascinated with futuristic themes subverted into romantic notions of couture and feminine extravagance. I'm pretty sure the fasyon crowd will love his latest S/S 07 offering inspired in part by Terminator. Robot chic!

the wonderboy

Robotic gladiator chuva

cool pants

i love this

Friday, October 13, 2006

Comme des Garcia at the bazaar

(Please ignore the date on the pictures. I thought it would be fun to use a defective camera. As you can see, the colors look bluish.)

I volunteered my time to help my friends out sell some stuff at the sale bazaar at Robinsons. I decided to wear the gift of ms. chuvaness to me. A special tee that I just LUV!

Moi wearing "comme des garcia" given by ms. cecile zamora van straten (ms. chuvaness)

The print. The tee was a hit at Dover Street Market!

The paintings for sale by local artists

The stuffed toys for sale

The kid who cried so that her mom will buy her a stuffed toy

Food at Junies. Had lunch here. Went for