Saturday, January 31, 2009

DP stuff: 31/01/09

'destroyed' lace A-line top

'destroyed' lace cropped vest/top

It has a detachable tie.

Cotton jersey tee layered with aircool tank printed with 'bird' print.

All for sale at the One Shop

Siem Reap, Cambodia

More Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Why not morph 4 Hermes Birkin bag into one for that ultimate expression in luxury, no? Reminds me of the multi handled party bag designed by Rei Kawakubo for the LV x CDG collab. I loves!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ironic Bags

I was browsing the latest arrivals from Totokaelo when this unusual Hermes bag caught my attention! From Slow and Steady Wins the Race comes these witty bags made of canvas aping 'iconic' bags. I think their version of the Birkin bag is funny and I want one.

SSWTR is a clothing label in the vein of Margiela and Comme des Garcons which aims to focus on a specific and fundamental characteristic of clothing design. Their mission is to push and produce interesting and significant pieces from the simplest and most inexpensive fabrics and materials.

I love their bags line. They do projects with a concept and work around that theme. For this line they re-interpreted hi-fashion designer bags into lo-fi object.

Balenciaga bag.

Chanel bag

In another project they tried to combine and hybridize popular bags to form 'a visual hyperbolic expression about contemporary fashion's attention and obsession with designer handbags'.

Care for a combined Hermes and AsFour bag?

Here's another one that combines Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci and Hermes into one 'it' bag.

This Dior/Hermes Birkin hybrid is crazy!

Here's two other version of the hybrids.

My favorites:

From their line of bags which subverts ordinary into something more extraordinary by combining two extremes. Fine leather is used to make this simple 'paper bag'. I want one!

I was surprised to see this 'bodega' bag coz I've done the same concept before. I got inspired by Margiela, of course. Actually, Loven has been bugging me to sell it in the shop. SSWTR did it in black leather. Mine was in black fabric to simulate the ones used in the market.

Now, Ms. Lyka can you get it for me, please? ;)

More SSWTR here.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bose's are here!

We had dinner at Viroth's. I often bring my visiting friends to this Khmer/French restaurant. I love the ambiance and the food. Never fails to impress.

Moi with Mutya and Faith. Mutya is an ukay fanatic just like me. It was actually her and Lalay Javier who started our little ukay-ukay site at Multiply.

Here's Loven with Tita Imelda and Lilledeshan. Lille's a writer and I've encountered many of her articles in the newspapers and magazines especially the ones from Summit. Tita Imelda has a fragrance brand that supplies to some clothing labels and companies in Manila. Mutya and Lille's father is the artist Santiago Bose.

Here's the ladies with Loven at the night market. Lille is the shoppingera. She doesn't know how to bargain the stuff. I guess, her living in the States, the prices here in Siem Reap are way cheaper. Of course, you really have to tawad. Her mom just laughs at her when she ask for discounts.

I got pasalubong from Titser May! An A.P.C. shirt that fits me like a glove and a Tricot Comme des Garcons. I loves eeet! :)

Mutya got me the latest IMAGINE with some of my fave people inside like Bombette Marin (I miss!), Bo Parcon, Cecile Zamora van Straten, Ria Bolivar... and/plus the January issue of Preview with a weirdly looking Kris Aquino on the cover. Tita Imelda also gave us some food stuff, pampaumpaw sang kahidlaw.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was tagged by may so here goes:

1. I collect clippings of newspaper articles and features that inspire me. When I discovered that there's actually 'book art', the art of creating handmade, one-of-a-kind books and magazines, I created my own. Visionaire, the ever evolving magazine, inspired me to do each issue in different formats. I think I'l start another one again.

2. I hate eating fruits that needs lots of process to consume. I hate fruits with lots of seeds. I'm lazy I want them processed and ready to eat.

3. Chocnut is lovely for me. Vanilla ice cream with crumbled chocnut on top is heaven.

4. I hate complicated food. Most days rice and fried fish are all I want.

5. I collect thrifted and vintage clothing pieces of my favorite designers like Helmut Lang, Issey Miyake, Ann Demeulemeester, Yohji Yamamoto, etc. I'm more into the designs of Belgian and Japanese designers. I am label conscious but not a brand slave. I'd rather wear something generic than wear fake. I adore local designers especially if it suits my aesthetic and style.

5. Fashion magazine is my vice. I regularly buy Vogue US and Paris, Teen Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. I have first issues of Details, Nylon, Wallpaper, etc. I've spent more on magazines than food. I collect AnotherMan, Fantastic Man, Arena Homme +, self service, Purple, V and Vman...

6. My favorite colors are fuchsia pink, sulphur yellow and yves klein blue. Yes, that specific.

7. I want to have a boutique someday ala Dover Street Market stocking my stuff and lines, of course. I would also sell Norman Noriega, Ralph Ng, eairth by Melissa Dizon, vintage Cecile Zamora, Tina Daniac, Bo Parcon, Jaki Penalosa, Team Manila, Joey Samson, Ivarluski Aseron, wwa, the alchemist, Loven Ramos, Titipon Chitsantisook, tube gallery, etc.

There will be lots of collaborative projects. It will be curated.

8. I love the process of designing more than the actual product.

9. When I'm tired I don't watch serious movies. Teen flicks, romantic comedies and senseless action movies relaxes me even if I hate to admit it. Filipino films make me want to slit my throat but I still watch it. Ranting after the viewing is like an emotional therapy.

10. I have high tolerance for alcohol. Vodka is my poison.

11. I cook and know how to bake. I also know how to make longanisa, tapa, tocino etc. My father taught me how to make it from a heirloom recipe he got from his family. I also make a deadly leche flan because I used to assist my grandmother in making it. I'm a lola's boy because I'm the first grand kid.

12. I was a national Eagle Boy Scout awardee. There was an international Jamboree I attended in Makiling but I couldn't remember what year it was. I distinctly remember I didn't take a crap for a week because the toilets were horrific.

13. I pooped in my pants when I was in Grade 3.

14. The works of Mark Rothko, Yves Klein, Egon Scheile, Ang Kiukok, Roberto Chabet, Nona Garcia, Vanessa Beecroft and Robert Mapplethorpe inspire me. Again, more than the actual artwork I was attracted to the artistic processes of each of the artists.

15. I like the music of Bjork, Garbage, The Cure, Sugar Hiccups, The Cranberries, Travis, Everything But The Girl and Madonna. I love stylish music, something connected to fashion or conveys a fashion feeling.

16. I hate forwarded mushy text messages, chain e-mails and bank of namibia spams. I actually email back to spams and tell them I don't need the money coz Im rich, hahaha!

17. I'm not into cargo pants, high top designer sneakers, turtleneck tops, baseball caps and those knitted hats they call 'bonets'.

18. I collect cute little toys like be@rbrick, Happy Meal freebies and other dust gatherers. I've also gathered a sizeable amount of artworks given by different artists. I love how it's very personnal and it's a gift.

19. Green tea is my water. I was a coffee drinker before but I noticed I eat more. And sometimes I get acidic in the stomach.

20. Marvin the Martian is my fave cartoon character. I also love the Incredibles.

21. When I was in Bangkok I ate a dessert made of bubblegum flavored shaved ice with wheat bread. Surprisingly, I loved it.

22. The first 'clothing' I made and designed was a waistcoat made of glossy magazine pages. It looked like patent leather. My first collection used old clothes, paper and garbage plastic bags as material.

23. I admire the works of Melanie Ward (stylist), Sarah Mower (writer) and David Sims (photographer).

24. There was no big philosophical reason or idealogy why I choose to be pesco-vegetarian. I just did it one day. I was really a pure vegan from the onset then resorted to eating seafood when it became very sad for me when I go to parties and can only eat the garnishings.

25. I took biology in college.

Aural Index

When I'm making a collection I get inspired by a lot of things. One of it is music.

For s/s 08 (Vestiges of the Subconscious) it was 'Drifting Away' by Claude Challe. It inspired the whole gamut of materials I used from everywhere. The soft section of chiffon and cut-away dresses I did were meant to evoke that feeling of floating on water and letting the waves engulf you.

The f/w 08 collection (Diaspora) was inspired by 'Missing' by Everything But The Girl. The line '...and I miss you like the desert miss the rain', was all about getting lost for me. Losing a love one and losing oneself in the emotion. My over all theme for the collection was diaspora which I translated to clashing prints and colors I've never used before. It's like I lost my mind and veered away from my usual sober and muted colors.

It was 'Rain' by Madonna that I endlessly looped in my iTunes when I was doing the s/s 09 (Propaganda&Persuasion). I explored color and new materials I haven't used before like raw silk and leather. There was also beadings on the clothes. I guess, no other artist to inspire you about reinvention but Madonna. To be honest I don't think a lot got what I was trying to convey in the whole different back and front mode. The gradual deconstructed pieces which moves to more constructed was also lost to most. A lot commented that the collection was so not me in so many ways. I was really trying to explore new vocabularies in the way I create a collection. The video of 'Rain' felt so modern, forward and stylish. I got inspired by the whole mood and concept of the video.

For f/w 09 (What Else Is There?), I am inspired by the music of Royksopp, which literally means 'smoke mushroom', is a Norwegian electronic music duo. Below is the video of 'What Else Is There?', a moody, stylish and dark piece of aural and visual heaven for me.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ginga dinner

It has been awhile since we had Japanese for dinner. Faith was craving for sushi so we decided to eat at Ginga which is quite popular with the Japanese expats. Needless to say, it's realtively expensive. I ordered this bento set of salmon sushi, california roll, salmon sashimi, prawn & veggie tempura, salad, lobster custard, salad and miso soup. I was bursting full after.

There's a complimentary fruit and tea.

They also serve different kinds of sake. The most interesting I think is this Nada Story. I guess, you'll forget your stories after several glasses of this brew.

Fashion Diary 18 : Layers

Top: DP Jacket, buttoned down shirt

Bottom: Hmong pants

Shoes: Muji sneakers

Top: Assymetrical tee, jersey tank

Bottom: Yohji Yamamoto wool pants

Shoes: Muji

Bag: Izzue

Top: H&M tee, Dictionaire sweater

Bottom: Givenchy pants

I haven't worn this sweater much. The knitted wool material is so light yet it's really warm.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fashion Diary 17 : When it was ok to wear wool.

The first time I came to Siem Reap I shiverred my ass to death because it was freakin cold. Not freezing cold but still biting. I packed a suitcase full of tanks in tissue cotton and lacey affairs. Not even the layerings could save me. I was forced to buy a wrap/scarf just to stay warm. That's why when I was in Hong Kong and saw this H&M trench jacket I declared it perfect for Siem Reap. It's lined but not thick enough to melt me. It's also not heavy like most fall/winter jackets. I paired it with my Calvin Klein wool tank which I think is quite genius because sometimes you just want your gut warm but not your arms and neck. I really don't want the cold to end but the other day I had to use the aircon after 2 months! I'm glad last night it was windy so no AC for moi. And I had to use the heater for shower, too. I hope this lasts until March.

I wore my tattered Converse sneakers and Balenciaga pants, plus, Izzue bag.

Strawberries and Ice Cream

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I want Longchamp Ceci est un IT bag!

I think I have to break my 'no purchase' rule again. I know I've promised to curb my spendings (not that I've spent a lot really!) but this one is such a cutie. The trompe l'oiel print parodies existing Longchamp styles.

It comes in ecru or orange canvas and linen with leather trim handles.

Roughly translated to 'This is an IT bag', I'm pretty sure Longchamp lovers would be salivating for this one.

The other side is printed like this.

What I really want to get is the big zippered 'Cosmos' at 45 x 40 cm. It's very Margielic.

They also have pouches. I kinda like them also except I really don't know how I can use it in my life. I'm not really a fan of compartmentalized stuff. I'm the 'dump it' kind of guy. That's why big bags work for me. Too lazy to be bothered. Hehehe. Maybe a pouch to put my computer cords and chargers, no? Tangled cords is not a pretty dilemma.

Check the prices here.

via Bagaholicboy

Fashionista Bags

From the crazy imaginations of my friend Loven comes these statement bags that sure captured many attentions from shoppers at One Shop.

Syempre, angels like moi also wear Prada, hehehe

This made me laugh. The other bag had 'Can't Afford Louis Vuitton' print.

Many women (and men?) could relate to this bag.

Here's the bag for my friend Faith (Loven's wife). That's her ultimate dream.

The reverse of the bag has this print, Loven's dream. :)