Monday, May 24, 2010


I will be presenting a capsule collection of my fall/winter 2010 designs at the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010, SMX Mall of Asia. The show starts a 5:30pm. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Plaid Pants

I love certain plaids and only if it doesn't remind me of school uniforms. I'm cool with punk looking ones especially if it's from Vivienne Westwood. My dream piece is a bondage pants from Lady Viv.

I guess I was going for that vibe when I paired this thrifted plaid pants with a Heather Miss Grey CVS x Bleach Catastrophe 'ribbon sash' tee. I wish I used a VW bag to complete the look. When I was in Bangkok I found several VW plaid bags from the thrift markets but it seemed so expensive to me that time. I guess, I just didn't find a good enough design that would make me go and buy it.

The plaid pants which I paired with Converse and a bi-color Happy Socks.

Pale Colors

Freshness is something quite valued in Japanese food. That freshness is also translated into purity. The less process the food takes to be served the more pure and fresh it is. I can't help but feel joy looking at the slices of swordfish sashimi I had at Takezuno. The pale pink againts the muted green of the wasabi and leaf, and the white strokes of onion strips remind me of a cool, lazy day at the beach. Am I too much waxing lyrical over my food? Lol!

This greens with pink salmon was so sublime. Something so simple yet so telling of what Japanese food is all about. I wish to go to Tokyo soon and experience what it is there. For now I'll content myself of their culinary treats.

Dinner at Four Season

I've dined to a lot of Chinese restaurants named Four Season. Here in Siem Reap there's one, too, and they do make some delicious food. Really bad for my diet but I don't care anymore if the food is in front of me. Typical matakaw attitude of mine, wehehehe!

I few moons ago I had dinner there with my friends. Here's what we ordered:

Sizzling Tofu with Seafood. Super sarap!

Sweet & Sour Fish. Divine tasting. I miss Chowking tuloy. lol!

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Red Egg Sauce. Yummy but super sinful.

I just find this chili lovely. Been loving red lately. ;)

I was with Clave and Blady.

Ard and moi.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


iWant! Love the color.

With minimalism touted to be the trend du jour of the coming seasons I think it's time to stock up on sharp basics like the ones above at an affordable price. I'm dying to get my hands on some J+, the line designed by Jil Sander for Uniqlo. My friend Kiks said it's on sale now in Hong Kong.


I've been looking for a Mickey Mouse tee that's not too cute for my taste and I got one from the thrift market a while back.

I appreciate that it has the vintage Mickey graphic. I also like the thin cotton used for the tee. Even the fatigue green color suits my taste. I could totally pair it with my Helmut Lang military pieces. HL have been fascinated with American work wear and it somehow connects with the culture he's been obsessed with. I remember he did a collection using an avant-garde Felix the Cat print. Makes sense, non?

Here's the print on the back.

Do you like Mickey Mouse?


Ah, the lure of denim. It's quite easy to wear and no brainer, actually. It does get a bit hot here in Cambodia but since I work in an airconditioned gallery and it gets a bit chilly in the afternoon, I can get away with it. Otherwise, wearing denim outside can be suffocating.

This vest I'm wearing is a thrift find. It's a jacket before but I cut the sleeves to make it more current and me. It was giving off a very Rodeo vibe before. LOL!

It actually looks trashy and a little bit trailer park-chic. Reminds me of old Guess ads starring Anna Nicole Smith. The zip detail, the embroidery and the grommets makes it maximal, non? You know how it's bad that it's good? It's quirky looking and I love it.

The embroidery deets. It's nice, non?

FGL Dinner

A few moons ago the Family Group leaders of my church had a lovely dinner at the house of our pastor. It was nice planning the activities of our church and to also update one another about our concerns. I really had fun and enjoyed the food we ate.

I miss Ampalaya Guisado and our pastor Blady cooked it quite similar the way my lola used to make it. When I was a kid I hated ampalaya but when I started getting serious about my vegetarian diet my taste changed and it actually became a staple in my meals. My first day when I decided to turn vegan (I started as vegan and eventually into pesco vegetarian) it was my meal.

I asked our cook to make this calamares fritos for us.

Squid with fresh peppercorn. Super yummy Khmer dish.

Fried rice.

I'm getting hungry as I type this. LOL!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nataya Resort

It took about 20 minutes drive from Kampot City to arrive in Nataya Resort. I didn't have reservations here because it was all totally unplanned. An ad in the guidebook made it looked promising. If it's beyond budget it will be easy to go back to Kampot or Kep and book in some cheap guesthouse.

It's quite affordable for what they offered. You can check their website here.

They gave us a hut facing the pool which made me happy.

I appreciate the simplicity of the room.

The pool really sealed the deal for me.

I actually spent so much time swimming for this trip.

I really enjoyed the view and the amazing sunset. It was just so luxurious being out there.

I was toasted by the end of this trip.

Btw, that fuchsia tee I'm wearing was a gift of Kawadjan because he knows I hoard cotton tees from Ouki and other Bangkok brands. He also got me a red one, too.

A lovely lotus flower. There's lots of lotus blooming all over the resort.

You can ride horses and ponies, too. They have a few in the resort.

This water wheel is a nice feature in one part of the resort.

If ever you pass by Kampot when you're here in Cambodia, I think Nataya is the place to stay ;)

Friday, May 14, 2010


About 40 minutes drive from Kep is the city of Kampot, famous for its pepper. It's a lazy riverside town. We explored it for a few hours but aside from some riverside bars where you can have drinks, I don't know what else to do there. Oh, there was a volleyball tournament going on when we were there and it seems the whole town was there.