Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That Blue

Newsprint Clippings

I want to thank all the local newspapers who featured some of my events and even my farewell parties. I will miss all of you guys back home.

Whether we admit it or not we love looking at ourselves. If given a picture of a group photo, we either look for ourselves or the people we know. But always we look for ourselves, if we look good or not. There are the thousands of blogs to prove it.

Kris Aquino in Preview November 2007

Black leather body suit by Martin Benedict Bautista.
Styled by Liz Uy, Art Direction by Vince Uy and Photographed by Marc Nicdao.

from Martin's Multiply account. Congrats Martin!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mega October 2007

My clothes in one of Mega's fashion editorial for the month of October 2007.

Purple stripe skirt

Yellow top

thank you to my good friend Rofel for the scans (He actually insisted of the credits)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Street Patrol for TNT

STREET PATROL comments for The News Today

Get a good haircut, a good sandals, a good bag (so juvenile) and the red top with denim mini could be hot. Pinays love the long hair but in this case it really doesn't work for her. It reminds me of 'santos' hair, the ones you see in old churches. The wide belt also emphasizes her mid-section which is not her best quality. A big mirror is advised.

Generally Pinays have a casual chic sensibility when it comes to dressing. Cecile Zamora van Straten call it 'T-shirt Weather'look. I can live with her graphic tee and skinny jeans but I really advise that she throw away her sandals and opt for a better pointed shoes that will elongate her and make her look taller. And chicer, too

I don't really mind her look. But I wouldn't put her in the Best Dressed List either. Maybe her hair is kinda flat for her face (Asians tend to have very flat hair at the top) but then again it could be a statement. I like her shoes, casual yet elegant. She can use that for evenings also. Cropped skinny shorts tend to be shortening but she carried it well by pairing it with a tailored top. Casual and easy look for doing errands.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Overpass at Gen. Luna St., Iloilo


Is this progress or just a milking cow for corrupt government officials?




Afrique's Dinner

The usual. Margherita pizza, seafood pasta, Afrique's special, Hofan with Squid and Penne with sausage. Four Seasons and Mountain Dew. Water. Mike, Jor-el, KL, Bo, Mikki, Ivan and moi. Mix and match. Always like that.

Homme photoshot s/s 07

Photoshoot for Don Protasio & Bo Parcon Homme collection s/s 07

the pips


'destruction of being' silk top

A new top I designed for a photoshoot with Preview Magazine. It's made of silk organza in green and irredescent purplish blue. It's a play on construction, volume and color.



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fate with Loewe

It's a handcrafted fan

Fate with her Loewe

Dinner at Sokimex

Sokimex. Like a mini grocery store with a mini play area for kids and a Jollibee concept (fastfood) but offers local fares beside the usual burgers, fries and hotdogs. It's a riot! Imagine they have lazy susan tables (the one with the rotating disk in the middle) and wooden high-back chairs.hehehe Had dinner with Fate, Nanny, Freedom and Olive there. It's an experience.

Freedom doing what he does best : being cute. hehehe Only 2 years old and already a talker. He wanted a dolphin balloon but it was not for sale. Nobody told him to do this pose when I took the picture. A weird kid (in a good way),like, he loves gondolas and like he really voice out what he like or don't like.


seafood noodles with a siding of peanut sauce and beansprout

milk tea drink, like nai cha


at Lingga Bar




Martin and Bryan