Monday, August 31, 2009

CDG Black and Tom Binns

My friend Eliz is in Nueva Yorka and she sent me images of stuff I would go crazy about.

Just below the apartment where she's staying is a Comme des Garcons pop-up store for CDG Black, the anniversary line of Rei Kawakubo. Eliz is coveting that cut-away jacket from the line.

Over at Tom Binns, rhinestone pieces with bubble paint scribbles.

Talk about trashing 'tacky' pieces into something very cool and covetable. I wouldn't mind having a cuff or two. Make it a project and trash those 'pageant jewels' you have stored somewhere! ;)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pinoy Dinner Party

A while back we hosted a Pinoy dinner party for our friends. We had Adobo, Pancit Guisado, Sinigang na Isda, Fish Sisig, Chop Suey and Leche Flan for dessert.

Serguei and Elodie

Romain, Pierre and Eliz

Loven and Fate

Olive, Mike 'Zen Bitch' ITSELF and moi

Apres dinner, we went to Loven's studio to have more drinks and tsika. It was FUN!

Fashion Diary: Another Boring Outfit

Top by H&M, Jeans from People are People, Adidas sneakers and silver bead chain necklace from the night market.

Here, I'm with my friends from work, Sutanaya and Ladang.

DP stuff: 'Rothko' print slash tee

A design from my f/w 09 collection, the slash tee with 'Rothko' print. Tissue cotton in light gray with slit elbow. Unfinished hem detail.

Zen Bitch in Siem Reap

The Zen Bitch, ITSELF, of Phnom Penh visited me here in Siem Reap a while back.

We had dinner at V&A, my fave vegetarian restaurant. I had my Sweet Melon salad while he opted for some pasta.

We shared dangerous dessert of chocolate sorbet and grilled pineapple.

While in Singapore he went to the Lacroix exhibit and got me a brochure. He knows I love Muji and he also got me a notebook and box of pastel crayons. Thanks!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Adidas x Stella McCartney

Checked out Adidas recently for their Stella McCartney collab.

This mesh zip sweater in this gorgeous blue color is so nice.

It's small for me. They don't have a bigger size.

I also love this bag. Around $40 only.

This one is nice, too.

Here's the white version of the jacket. I really like it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Diary : Restraint

I have quite, maybe unconsciously, held back all the layerings and experimentations I've done with dressing back when I was still in Iloilo, before coming here to Siem Reap. Just the other night I was arranging my clothes and I noticed I'm much more comfortable in a sort of 'uniform' now - cotton tee paired with one of my sensible cotton pants. I can't say it's hotter here than in Iloilo so I guess it's not the reason why I'm so into this sort of 'simplicity'. Even during summer in Iloilo I could still find reasons to wear 'outfits'. I've been avoiding denim, recently, although I did give in last week of pairing a Yohji denim top with Levi's 501. I guess, I'm trying to evoke the mood of the clothes I've been designing recently.

I'm currently doing my spring/summer 2010 collection and there's a lazy simplicity to it. The other night I was wearing to sleep (yes, to sleep!) one of my tank top prototype. Like I said before I'm obsessed with the beach and the idea of being swept away. I wanted the clothes to evoke that feeling of casualness and nonchalant. I want this collection to be light; the mood to be so light.

Some of my looks recently:

A thrifted top with fuchsia trims paired with YSL pants and Muji sneakers.

The skull necklace is a fave I got from Hong Kong.

In here I'm wearing a button down and pants by Dries Van Noten.

There's always that sensible simplicity to Dries Van Noten. That pants must be like with me for 6 years already and is one of my fave for its ease. I remember I have a white version of that and I can't seem to remember where it is. Hmmm...

This Dior Homme top was given to me by Bo.

I paired it with one of my pants and sneakers from Adidas.


This white cotton bag arrived from Hong Kong last week. My friend Kiks shipped them to me containing some stuff I've been eagerly waiting.

This is the e-mook (magazine + book) of Zucca for fall/winter 2009.

As with the fall/winter 08 issue I got last year, it comes with a free bag. It's so cute!

The bag comes with a little pouch, perfect for putting loose change and lip balm. I'm using this bag when I go thrifting.

The package from Kiks also included this interesting contraceptives from Maison Martin Margiela. They were being handed out during the Margiela AIDS tee exhibit in Hong Kong, which I asked (forced, actually) Kiks to attend. See his report here.

Of course, they also launched the fall/winter 09 edition of their collectible AIDS tee. This latest version is done in glitter print on an off-white/cream tee. I have collected 11 pieces and I want some more, of course. Kiks reported that one of the guests in the launching had 28 pieces so far. I'm praying I'l eventually get my hands on the very first issue and the black print on black tee version.

MMM donates all the sale of the tee to organizations finding cure for AIDS.

I missed buying some versions from past seasons and I grabbed the opportunity to get them.

Here's the melange gray with white print.

and also the orange tee with the black print.

Soon, I'm getting another one from my friend Elizabeth. It was so hard to get it (Paypal made it very difficult!) but eventually Eliz has it now.

For those interested to get the MMM AIDS tee, yoox sells online, with a selection from the past season and the current glitter version.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

CVS x Bleach Catastrophe

It's the time of the year when all the good stuff comes out to lure you to spend your hard earned moolah. It's the 'ber' month leading to Christmas and the perfect time to think what to ask Santa for your gifts. My wish list includes BLESS x Longchamp and Uniqlo x Jil Sander, two of the most anticipated collabs getting all the hype now.

Well, here's another collab to add to our lists, the Chuvaness, ITSELF, collaborated with Bleach Catastrophe to come up with all these gray madness they lovingly dubbed as 'Heather Miss Gray'. The limited pieces made my heart palpitate! I mean, if you know me I like my stuff oversized, assymetrical and a little bit sinister. The swarm of birds just reminds me of 'The Birds' by Alfred Hitchcock. I want this style...

this one...

and this one. The Miss Universe ribbon is so Margielic! There's some pieces for guys, too.

It was in May when CVS told me about the collab. She wanted to use Ria Bolivar to model for her and that time I was staying at Ria's apartment. I asked Ria if she wanted to be part of it and, of course, she was excited and said yes. After 3 months, it'l be launched on September 3 at Bleach Catastrophe, Greenbelt 5. It will be available online for orders abroad. For more details and pics, please see here.

Congrats, Cecile and Bleach! :)

in - SPUR - ing

I love looking at all the features in SPUR magazine from Japan. I like that it's sort of a catalog of all the latest and yummiest stuff from the best brands in the world. Like that Comme des Garcons leather tote printed to look like plaid.

Here's some inspiring ideas for some granny pearls you have there lying around. I would pin those on some masculine jacket paired with a ratty tee and slim black pants.

For easy chic I like the style of Sakayori. Sort of Muji-esque slash Giordano Concepts.

I like looking at mood boards. Here's a look at Anna Sui's own.

I can't remember the name of brand but the top is so inspiring. I want to make my own version.

Inside this Spur issue, there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs report. I'm responding positively to this group of bags. I actually saw some pieces in Manila last time but I decided not to buy.

It comes with free stickers also. I don't know if Spur is available in Manila but in Bangkok you can buy it in Kinokuniya.