Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still about food

Funny, I'm officially on diet and all but I still do food posts. Oh well, who wouldn't when our helper can whiff up a mean crispy noodles with corn, carrots and shrimp sauce. She said she just copied it from a cooking show on tv.

And lately I've been eating fresh mangoes with soya milk. I guess I miss Magnolia mango ice cream. I miss Iloilo, darn!

Food: Philly Steak Vegetarian with mango salsa

Our American friend Kathy had a vacay here in SR (she's the one who got me the fattening Royce' chocolate) and she was so sweet to cook for moi, Loven and Faith one night at home. I'm telling you it was delish! Her vegetarian version of the Philly Cheesesteak using Portobello mushroom was so yummy I inhaled my big serving. It goes so well with the mango salsa, a little on the spicy side, but definitely perfect. Ugh! Extra gym time for me again.

Gifts: Dior Homme

Eliz knows what I love and if the label says 'Dior' then I'm really loving it! Hehehe Such delight for a brand whore like moi.

This piece comes from one of the last collections of Hedi Slimane for the house of Dior, palanggas. The label has a "For Japan" only tag and I'm quite lucky Eliz has all these fashion connections and all. The piece is just amazing, the cotton so soft. I wore it to her birthday dinner a week ago. I'l update about that wonderful party soon.

She paired the tank with this Dior Homme sleeveless hoody with leather details on the armhole area. Thank goodness I fit in Dior Homme now! My gym time must be paying off.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Drink with friends

It's good to make new friends especially cool ones.

Here's Franco who can definitely rock some of my designs. He actually bought a piece from me which he totally carried so well.

Maan here is an AV producer for a media company in Phnom Penh. She bought some stuff, too. She told me that the bag she bought that Loven designed got positive attention from her friends. We're cooking something up and I'll tell you more about it when everything is finalized.

Franco and Maan are based in Phnom Penh, which is a good 6 hours by car from Siem Reap. The mini vacation was with their Khmer friends Noh (bought some notebooks and bag, I think) and Sophea...

and Zach, who's American, and here with Pilo, who's based here in SR.

Thanks guys for treating me on the drinks. Loved the conversation. Next time, again. ;)


I've been eating breakfast lately, which I usually don't do. A mug of soya milk is enough to get me through until lunch. Now I enjoy a healthy plate of egg white omelette with a side of salsa and smoked salmon. Lunchtime I just eat something light maybe a plate of fresh mangoes or some salad. Then I take my dinner early, around 5pm so before gym time I have already digested my food. See if my diet works. ;)


The Cambodian kind, btw. It was served during our Khmer New Year party and I couldn't eat the other local fares because I'm vegetarian. I contented myself with the desserts instead.

That yellow pudding is some sort of corn flan. The one wrapped in banana leaf is sticky rice with jackfruit preserve in the middle. Obviously, the last one is puto but made extra special with sugar palm sauce.

This lovely dessert is shaved coconut cooked in cream.

Their native desserts were almost like the ones we make back home in Iloilo. Made me miss the soft baye-baye in Luctugan, Ivisan and Passi.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Not yet finished with the construction at the back and the floor still needs to be tiled but we're on soft opening just to try it out.

We keep on changing the set-up. We used bricks and bauls to display some of our mercs. Now we have some recycled boxes, which I find really cute.

Here's my racks with a few of my clothes. I haven't displayed all my stuff yet because it's so dusty. It'l get better when all the construction is finished. I can't wait, actually.

My printed totes and faux camera neckpiece.

During Khmer new year celebration, a group in Hanuman and other costumes came serenading the stores in the alley. It was quite cute.

DP stuff: Denim bag

New DP product. Made of recycled denim from old clothes.

One of a kind, each.

This one is my fave with the stars.

Perfect for gym or a weekend getaway.

To order or buy at Poetry and One Shop.

Fashion Diary : Never Mind the Bollocks tank

Found the 'vintage' Never Mind the Bollocks Sex Pistol tank from the ukay. I loved it instantly. Just to make it more punk I paired it with a hole-y and slightly tattered cardi, a thrifted find, too. My pinstripe jeans I bought from People Are People in Mall of Asia. It was totally an impulse buy since it's cheap. My belt I bought from a bazaar. I haven't been using it as much as my other belts so I thought I'd give it more mileage. The shoes is from my fave brand, K-Bond.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Will try

Loven brought this from Pinas. Said to have slimming properties. Made of Moringa leaf or Malunggay. It's all the rage daw back home. There's even a malunggay pesto sauce recipe I read somewhere. I have a Freedom (my nephew) story about this malunggay craze. That was a long time ago and he was playing 'chef-chef'. I asked him what food he is cooking. The 3 year old replied, 'Spaghetti with mushroom and malunggay'. Lol! I never tried pasta with malunggay ever. O di ba?! I found it funny that time but I guess I'm stumped now. Hehehe

DP: Beaded Bib and Teardrop Neckpiece

New pieces

DP stuff: Pencil Case

Made of black canvas, my pencil case is kinda 'home economics' inspired.

I'm not into full production on this one but I plan to make some more in different colors. Of course, black is just so me, no?

Diet: Smoked Salmon sandwich and Soya Milk

My creation, in a way. The cafe has a sandwich and salad bar where one can create your own sandwich to your liking. I've been eating these combo for like 2 weeks now. Our chef calls it the 'Don sandwich'. I'm amused. Hehehe.

Operation Smile free wrist band

I know, I know it's kinda cheesy and aren't we all tired of all the 'Live Strong' rubber bands from before? Gosh, when it first came out I hoarded like 10 pieces from Nike. Anyway, I had to get one of these because it supports a good cause. Yes, Kawadjan, haven't we talked about social responsibility and life not being just one party after another? I don't know about you but if my 1000 riel ($0.25) can help in a little way in repairing a kid's cleft palate, then I'd happily wear some bloody cheesy red rubber band. ;)

DP stuff: Teardrop handbeaded neckpiece

Comes in different candy colored yummy goodness. Hand beaded and hand made in Cambodia. Available for order and to buy at One Shop and Poetry.


Sunday is pig-out day where we cook a little fiesta lunch spread in the house. My Pinoy posse update ourselves with latest chika around town over delicious food. I'm not a noodle loving guy but sometimes you just miss Bijon Guisado.

Spice encrusted sweet & sour fish with stir fry pineapple on the side.

Pancit Molo from scratch. I missed this so much! Faith did a good job cooking it.

For dessert we had Sago with Corn and fresh mangoes.

And these puto looking Maja Blanca.

Yummy-ness overload on a Sunday after church service? Winnur!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stylist Book

My the book was heavy but good thing Ace wabs me so much to hand carry it from San Francisco to Bangkok to Manila to Koh Samui to PhiPhi Islands back to Bangkok and here in Siem Reap. I'm over the moon! Loves, loves, loves it! Please bear with me from all these gift postings. I'm just so thankful to all my generous friends. Gosh, I wish I'm as thoughtful, wehehehe!

Anyhoot, let me tell you about the book. I've been wanting to get it for the longest time. I don't know if Ace was a mind reader or what?! Chos!

The author of the book is Sarah Mower, possibly my most fave fashion writer ever. She chronicled the most influential stylists and featured some of their amazing works. One of them is possibly one of my fave fashion stylist ever, Melanie Ward. She of the Helmut Lang (formerly chief stylist of the original Mr. Lang) and Harper's Bazaar edginess (Senior Fashion Editor). And you know, moi, I love anything HL.

Melanie's styling for HL ads.

An editorial of hers for i-D magazine.

The book also features Joe Zee (Elle US), Grace Coddington (Vogue US), Camilla Nickerson (W) and many more. The book is very interesting and it inspired me for the styling of our fall/winter 09 collection.

Gifts from HK still

Still from my uberfriend KIKS of HK, a cute mirror from Marc by Marc Jacobs.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hong Kong package!

My fabulous, multi-talented, workasonic, ultrariffic, mega-supercalifragilisticexpialidocious friend of the Hong Kong island, the one and only, KIKS (yes, capital dahlings, no less), sent me a package, containing these:

My, palanggas, I nearly choked on the organic cucumber sandwich I was munching when I saw this. I've been dying to get a copy of these i-D because it's their Manhood Issue. I think it's in Style Salvage Steve where I got wind of it and since it's more fascinating for me to read about exciting menswear designer, this issue is a must-buy. Sadly, we don't have i-D here in Siem Reap. I'd buy monthly, palanggas. In between us, in molto sotto voce, goodness knows I already spend huge amounts for the Vogues and Bazaars monthly but i-D make interesting features.

Kiks also gave moi this Xtreme Fashion book containing the works of designers going beyond fashion. It's more conceptual works of art, really. Quite a nice read and very interesting given the scope of what 'fashion' are covered. Grab a copy if you do see it in bookstores, palanggas.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fashion Diary : 21/04/09

The narcism continues:

Jacket: DP f/w 09 collection

Jeans: Levi's 501

Shoes: Muji

I don't know if you can see but I'm wearing double strand of silver ball chain necklace. H&M tee inside.

Top: Uniqlo with thrifted gray vest

Jeans: Levi's

Shoes: Fred Perry

I have a leather belt bracelet, a prototype for DP fall/winter 2009

Top: Agnes B. stripe jacket with a tee from Bangkok

Jeans: Imitation of Christ

Shoes: Muji

Top: Giordano flesh tee with H&M vest

Pants: Levi's

Shoes: Muji

Top: John Galliano tee

Jeans: Only jeans

Shoes: Nike Air Rifts

I love the print of this tee.

Top: Team Manila Rizal tee

Jeans: People are People

Shoes: Converse

I love Team Manila!

Top: Paul Smith

Jeans: Levi's 501

Shoes: Muji

Shades: Dior Homme

Top: tee from Bangkok

Jeans: Imitation of Christ with Topman red leather belt

Shoes: this suede leather shoes I got from Ho Chi Minh

Shades: Dior Homme