Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bubble Tea Thriftshop

One of the first thrift store I discovered here in Siem Reap is the one above Bubble Tea.

Funny, I can't remember blogging about it (or maybe I did. But I'm too lazy to find out now). Anyway, it was owned by a Japanese before, until she returned home and left it to her friend, the owner of Bubble Tea. They mostly sell dresses and I'm guessing because it's the most saleable. It's between $2 - $8.

They also sell belts, costume jewelries and bags.

Very Dynasty, non? Joan Collins would approve.

I imagine Tavi wearing this with some quirky accessories. A Stephen Jones hat, perhaps?

Not quite Comme ;)

I love going there just to see what's interesting but never really bought anything for a long time now.

Tank plus Tee

A hybrid of a tank and tee. From my spring summer 2010 collection.

It's a TANK:

It's a TEE:

The freedom to have two choices for one.


Le Look: Martin Margiela top, Frapbois shorts, Herve Chapelier bag and Giordano Concepts sneakers.

Bhan Chao, yummy Vietnamese crispy pancakes with vegetable and shrimp filling.

Rice noodle soup with seafoods

With Kuya Blady and Ard.

Le Looks

Top: red Costume National tee with Fight polka dot cover-up and giant safety pin

Bottom: DP pants

Accessories: K-Bond shoes and thrifted leather bag from Japan Thrift Shop

Top: DP tee under a thrifted vest

Bottom: thrifted jeans

Accessories: same leather bag and Giordano Concepts sneakers

Top: DP tank top

Bottom: Levi's jeans shorts

Accessories: Giordano Concepts sneakers and Longchamp Le Pliage bag

Top: Rick Owens tee

Bottom: DP pants

Accessories: Take.Two shoes, Herve Chapelier bag and Thomas Sabo skull necklace

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Just in our backyard I saw this interesting creature. It can change color!

Bits of color

Tee - Ouki

Vest - unbranded from Japan Thrift Shop

Jeans - People Are People

Bag - leather one from Japan TS

Shoes - DP multicolored brouges

I don't know how to explain my look except I like the bits of colors combined in this outfit.

Ard's B-day plus Book Thrifting

Some full moons ago, we celebrated Ard's birthday at Pizza Company.

Here's the birthday boy ;)

We had some seafood pizza and some marinara pasta. Yum!

Apres, I went book hunting at Boston Bookstore. It's not all the time I thrift for clothes.

You'll never know what gems you will find.

I used to collect a lot of this Chic Simple books. It's soooo 90's.

Something from the 80's, how about a compilation of New Wave album covers? Super inspiring!

Of course, anything about manga is always a FUN read.


I have this ongoing fascination with Bangkok. There's myriad of reasons why I love going there partly, though I HATE to admit it, because of friends like Kawadjan and Bubbles *rolls eyes*.

I love people watching in Bangkok and the best rag sheet for all those BKK street style eye candies is CHEEZE. It was dear K who introduced me to the mag. Actually, all my Cheeze came from him (and that is the very reason why I still keep him as a 'friend', shhhhhh...). Basta, ibang level ang Cheeze, how they interpret and chronicle fashion.

A sample of its pages. Love Ida's look, the hair, the Westwood shirt and the 70'ish jeans.

One of the coolest guys in BKK, MTV VJ Mike Wong. He's like preppy slash rebel chic.

Denim trend.

This guy's look is soooooo ME! I wish I'm as thin, though.

It's all about the total packaging, as what my BKK friends would say.

It's also about being fierce and fearless.

This look is definitely from Wonder Anatomie.

I have a shirt with a similar skull encrustation. Very Undercover.

The one in red reminds me so much of Karl Leuterio. Or is it DP f/w 2010? hehehe!

Can I suggest this look for Toxic? Sey mo? ;)