Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Strike the pose in motorcycle pants

I discovered this motorcycle pants in the thrift store down Pub Street area one lazy Saturday. Alas, that thrift store was no more the last time I checked. Either they transferred or really closed down, I don't know. What attracted me to it is the idea of protection, by way of pads on the hips, knees and leg area. The short length of the pants leg boggled me though and thought that since it's usually paired with padded, high cut boots it will cumbersome to have lots of extra fabric in there. I liked the sportiness of it not associated with basketball or some common sports.

Motorcycle pants from thrift shop, shirt by moi, Henrik Vibskob waistcoat and Converse shoes.

Top for Ria B.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Manila time of Loven and Fate

with Ria B. at Ebun

with JP Sy, Dino Siason and friends

Loven in Krispy Kreme

Fate in North Park

That fast - 12 years!

BACKSTAGE look book

Backstage is the store in Manila where I sell my clothes. The owner, Stanley, was very kind to include me in the previous and current look book. They chose 2 of my pieces with metal tab embellishment. Do try to visit the store if you are in Serendra.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Loven's Manila Exhibit Opening

Loven had a succesful opening of his exhibit at iiidea gallery. Lots of special people came. I wish I was there but work tied me up. Sayang...

Loven with a client.

Alfredo Roca of Fuego, Loven, Fate and a friend.

Elaine, a friend and Loven

I think that's the owner of the gallery with Fate, Loven and Daphne

CVS, Jeroen, Loven, Fate, Daphne, Patrick

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Photographs at McDermott

I like this one but i forgot the artist

by Filipino snapper, Wawi Navarossa. She won something in an Australian awards thingy.

Dominic Route

Dominic Route. He takes photographs and accumulates it for years. Then he digitally combine the photos to produce his pieces, like works gathering dust.

some more party goers

Masquerade at Mcdermotts

John, the host.

Dominic Rouse's exhibit entitled 'Philosopher's Tomb'

His pieces are gothic flavored.

KC, Dave, his friend and Loven



Monday, May 05, 2008

Saturday, etc.

Went to Soy Beauty to get Soy who's doing the make-up of my friend for this masquerade party we're attending.

It's no sosyal parlor mind you. Proof: shampoo in the cutting chair without a basin. Winner!. Bahala ka kung mabasa ang damit mo.

Louis Claparols isdatchu? Winner ang color! So very now.

moi. wala lang.

you know you love me.

XOXO fuchsiaboy