Thursday, January 31, 2008

Croc Wars

This croc store has 2 billboards with a croc picture on top.

It even has stuffed 'smiling' crocs displayed prominently in front of the store.

Di ba bongga?!

Well, well, well! Look do we have here! The nerd!

This croc store BESIDE it has also 3 billboards with an even bigger croc picture.

Let the croc wars begin!

Hong Kong Restaurant

Sold one photograph worth $300.

Fate was craving for siopao.

This is Hong Kong Restaurant...

for those expats who crave for dimsum and other Chinese fare. In fairness, their sweet&sour fried fish is like something you'd get in some sidestreet eatery in Hong Kong. Delish! But I never really ate that much. I wasn't hungry.

Their sign...

Earlier we bid goodbye to Ryan who's leaving Siem Reap.

He's the building manager for the Children Hospital.

Dinner at Tara Angkor Hotel

The courtyard of Tara Angkor...

I love it!

Our friend Karen, a Pinay and the sales manager, treated us for dinner.

I had stir-fry veggies

and Seafood Spaghetti. Yum!


Monday, January 28, 2008

A farewell party...

It's Toby and Ally's farewell party.

This party is just so chic and fun. A lot of fun people came. I think all the important people in Siem Reap were invited. The bulk is mostly the expat community who work in the hospitality business.

I was stationed here at the bar most of the time, hehehe

Nothing beats free champagne, hehehe

Tanya's husband, Tanya, Faith (in a top that i designed) and Loven

Heidi and her dress

Sacha, Eric and Ronald McDonald, err...Eric's friend.

Photoshoot with John

Eric and the Ronald McDonald's lady, hehehe



Patrick and Judy


One bar, more free wine and drinks here.

John and Narissa

The hosts, Ally and Toby (or Percy, his devil alter ego)

They are so wacky!

Dancing at Gallery 1. This is the private party to beat!

The look I'm going for

Strike the pose!

Since the theme is Brit retro I opted to come in a style that is kinda me.

I did a little research and decided that a mod/skinhead look is something I can pull.

And more importantly, the pieces for the look I can find in my wardrobe.

Converse shoes = Dr. Martern's

Patched shirt (Sex Pistol logo) = Fred Perry shirt (I didn't bring any of my Fred Perry's imagine!); Nowhere jeans ( folded at the hem) = cropped jeans; Suspenders from F&H in yellow and black; Striped socks from Human. Viola!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Mall

Yes, Siem Reap has a mall, just opened, so there are not many shops opened.

From anywhere in town if you want to go to the Museum and Cultural Mall, you can look for these tuktuks and they will give you a 'free lift'.

or a 'free ride'...

or a 'free transfer'

or 'Free Delivery'. why not?

I'm going crazy for this Japanese Rice snacks

See, a plastic-full. Yeah, I know, I should have bought a shopper. Not very eco-friendly me. Bad...

My fave Okaki. Bought them in Starmart.