Monday, September 26, 2011

Bags, Wallets and Pouches

I think I've mellowed quite a bit when it comes to my thrifting although my friends would argue that. I do manage to gather quite a number of stuff and more than half of it I don't even use. I end up selling it, giving it to friends or mostly I keep it for design reference. Early this year I managed to edit my clothing archive, not a huge number really, but still a handful. I also slashed my regular clothing pieces, shoes and accessories. I've also sold some of my bags to friends though it's quite difficult for me to do that. So there is effort on my part to tone down. It's quite funny though to be talking about that since I'm about to share with you some thrifted stuff I got recently. Oh, well, I guess there's no cure for me.

I first got wind of this brand from Make It Easy when he blogged about it. Tsumori is not the Paris based Japanese designer, Tsumori Chisato, but sort of a Muji-esque market site. Sort of... ummm, if you've seen Koreanovelas, you're probably familiar with how e-retailing has been huge in Korea. They have e-malls where virtual shops sell all sorts of stuff. I think Tsumori is like that. I like the tote I found from them especially the printed graphics on it.

I also like this very Muji-esque canvas tote bag with no print or label. Very Margielic, too. What I love about it is the thick canvas fabric which makes the whole thing sturdy. I hate those flimsy basic totes that can't hold a shape.

Some assorted stuff: leather Arnold Palmer pouch, Le Sportsac printed beltbag and 3 small pouches. So kawaii, don't you think?

There's something ugly cool about this rag bag that I just need to buy it. It reminds me so much of Dover Street Market where they sold all these artisanal bags from different places like Thailand, Africa and China. They also have a section there called World Archive, and it would fit in there naturally. From the very start, Poetry (my shop) was inspired by DSM and its modern souk inspired concept. So when I see stuff that I find interesting I buy it and sell it there.

Friday, September 23, 2011

15 Looks

1. John Varvatos tee with Bo Parcon vest, DP pants, DietButcherSlimSkin shoes, H&M x Comme des Garcons bag

2. DP tank, Ralph Lauren shorts, Nike bag, New Balance shoes

3. Top Engine tee, Gap jeans, DM's shoes, Via Demizon bag

4. Muji tank, Ralph Lauren shorts, New Balance shoes, Prada backpack

5. DP shirt, Levi's jeans, Nike shoes, vintage bag

6. Ouki tee, DP pants, Converse shoes

7. 5cm tee, DP pants, DM's shoes, Y'saacs Homme Yohji Yamamoto beltbag, Mango & Robotang cuffs

8. DP hooded wrap, H&M balck tee, EDITED pants, DM's shoes, Y'saacs Homme Yohji Yamamoto beltbag

9. PAID draped top, 2xist tank top, EDITED pants, vintage boots Margaret Howell bag

10. EDITED tee, EDITED pants, DM's shoes, Cordura bag

11. Eairth top, Levi's denim cut-off shorts, DM's x Raf Simons shoes, Hermes bag

12. Levi's denim vest, H&M tee, Levi's jeans, DM's shoes, thrifted denim 'Birkin' bag

13. H&M tee, Izzue shorts, DM's shoes, Y'saacs Homme Yohji Yamamoto beltbag, Mango & Robotang cuffs

14. Mercibeaucoup, top, Bo Parcon pants, DM's shoes, Cordura bag

15. Marc by Marc Jacobs tee, DP pants, Nike shoes, Cordura bag

Sunday, September 18, 2011

de Gran

One of nicest looking salon I've ever seen in Phnom Penh is de Gran. Run by Japanese stylists, it offers the best of what beauty expertise Japan is known for. I haven't tried their services yet since I usually don't fuss too much about my hair. A trip to the local barber is enough but I'd probably try it out when I'm in the mood to change my current undercut style. If you're in Phnom Penh check it out, info here.

Phnom Penh

I've been going to Phnom Penh quite often lately for some projects. It's a mere 6 hour travel by bus but it feels like I'm going to another country. Phnom Penh's mood is so different from Siem Reap that I always consider it sort of a vacation when I'm there. Here's a few of the places I went to in Phnom Penh:

Sophy&Sina. Doesn't look like this building is in Phnom Penh, non? This shop sells original designer bags and items plus an atelier for made-to-measure needs of Khmer fashionistas. On the 5th floor is also the office of F Magazine, the best fashion magazine in Cambodia.

Bistro Lorenzo. A Filipino restaurant serving delicious sizzling squid adobo, paksiw na isda, seafood valenciana and other famous Pinoy dishes that I don't eat (you know, the meat dishes, hehehe).

Blue Pumpkin at the riverside. Stunning view of the river while you indulge in sinfully delectable ice cream, pastries and cakes. They also serve meals based on Khmer favorites but done in a Blue Pumpkin twist. Lovely place to relax especially with an all-white interior and huge comfy daybeds.

Rahu. From the same group that manages Metro comes this charming and chic place for Japanese nibbles and continental small plates while you enjoy a bottle of wine. The moody place is perfect for gossips with friends while you secretly eye the who's who in the crowd.

Korean Grill at Naga World. Lovely food at this Korean restaurant in Phnom Penh's biggest entertainment complex. The most memorable part of the dish was the rice porridge starter. Sublime flavor! The bibimbap was also good and I would go back just for that.

Some Pinoys from the Maldives who are friends with my blogger friend wanted to take a photo with me. It was embarassing but what the heck! It's so nice meeting them there and quite a funny coincidence, don't you think?

Nod's Moist Chocolate Cake. One of the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted. I think he accepts orders so if you're in Phnom Penh and you want to try this you can contact me and I will give you his number.

Franco and moi.

Eng and Toefi.

Noodle House. This hole-in-a-wall place serves that smoky, wok fried noodles you can only get from authentic Chinese restos. You can tell the noodles are also freshly made because of the texture and taste. Yummy! We also got some fried tofu with vegetables and it was a perfect compliment. I think we also had some vegetable dumplings, too. Very affordable place to eat although it's not really chic.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Arte Povera

Newly stocked in Poetry is this little gem of a label called Arte Povera Creazione ricuperare. What's so lovely about the pieces of hats they produce is that it's made of vintage, recycled materials with bits of leather, some touches of imperfection, a random button, stitches here and there - it's rustic chic! You know me I love something perfectly imperfect. I own 3 pieces of Arte Povera myself and I've been wearing them a lot, lately. There's a lot more that I want for myself but I gotta share, too! LOL