Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ukay finds

I went thrift shopping a few weeks ago at Phsar Krolayn, here in Siem Reap. Here's what I got:

'Margielic' tee. I instantly thought of Hypercoolmike when I saw this. Do you like?

It's not Margiela but Zaroo. Fakeness galore but it's cute, non?

This piece is for moi. This Final Home vest has amazing fabric. Sort of rubbery cotton with a little stretch and very, very thin. And so light, too, perfect for travel. Final Home is designed by Kosuke Tsumara. Check a very interesting piece by The Selby as he visits the designer in his home. Also read his interview there.

How very hospital chic, the label, non?

I've been looking for a perfect Mickey Mouse tee that looks vintage-y and this one seems cute for now.

I'm still deciding whether to distress it and make it more 'old'.

I also got this pleated black tee, not an Issey Miyake. It doesn't have a label.

It's sheer and has a nice texture. I can't wait to wear it to work.

And lastly, I grabbed this Pinko jersey tank with laser cut holes. Love the intense color and the simplicity of it.

Boxing Shoes

Like I said on a previous post I ended up buying something at Adidas and this was what I got: an Adidas boxing boots.

It was in Manila when I saw this but they didn't have my size then. I was so surprised to find it here in Siem Reap and they gave me 15% discount, too. They also carry the collabs with Stella McCartney and Missy Elliot, plus the other lines of Adidas. Too bad they don't have Y-3, yet.

Paired with my DP tank

and DP 'Andy' pants.

This denim bag is another Japan Japan find. I got it for 50cents. I've been looking for a Gap-ish type of denim bag and now I have one.

The label is Earth Made and i think it's funny.

Loven was hungry so I came with him to eat noodles in one of the street stalls.

I haven't gotten a bad tummy from eating there. It's cheap and delish.

Shoe Shopping

Went shoe thrifting here in Siem Reap.

I was originally looking for plain black rubber flip-flops but got distracted when I passed by this thrift store. Some of the shoes I liked:

I've been liking white or off white shoes lately, influenced by the Margiela tabi and canvas work boots I got from Phnom Penh.

This one looks very Margielic, too.

These shoes are new and it's made in Japan. I love the black one and at $5.00 it's a steal. I didn't get it though.

This one is also cute and I like the studs with the skull print. I didn't buy anything from there.

I passed by Adidas and they're on sale.

I have already the green version of these Arrows but I'm thinking of getting the pink one.

This huge gym bag is also my style but I seriously don't need this as of the moment.

Anyway, I ended up buying something else which I will post next.


For cheap but delish dinner we go to Molopor. I usually order cheese & tomato pasta, tomato egg and fried vegetable dumpling. I tried their squid with fresh pepper and it was sooo good!


She's our ukay suki.

Here's Ate Cielo, one of my ukay buddies. ;)

First Collection

The top I'm wearing was from the first collection I did here in Cambodia, s/s 2008. Paired it with DP pants, Giordano Concepts sneakers and the leather bag Bo Parcon gave moi.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Margiela Tabi Sneakers

Someone probably knows I like (OBSESSED) Margiela and tabi boots that I got lucky in buying a SECOND pair in the same market. The first one was too small for me and I did try my best to squeeze my size 9 foot just in case. You know I would do that, right?

I was sooo excited to try it on!

I'm happy to say it did fit now. Yipee!

And in WHITE canvas! Iconic Margiela color! Sooo cool! Why am I SHOUTING?! Lol!

Took a picture of my Margiela tabi sneakers with my other Margielic footwear. Just perfect...sigh...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs loot

My good friend Karen had her holiday in the US and she got me stuff from Marc By Marc Jacobs. Truth be told I FORCED her to get these for, moi. She really didn't have a choice. LOL!

All the stuff she got me are M by MJ special items and is sold in certain M by MJ stores.

Another addition to my ever growing collection of canvas bags.

There's just a lot of 'junk' you can get at M by MJ. Would I really think these bracelets are cute if it's not MJ? Yeah, I'm a label-whore like that ;) Love the chemical colors.

This printed snap bracelet is comfy to wear and I like the yellow.

She also got me the book from Assouline. An addition to the Yohji Yamamoto (the series also includes Chanel, Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, etc.) one I got a few years back.

I like that they featured a few images of Marc's infamous grunge (and last) collection for Perry Ellis.

I like images of designers in their working environment.

I was hoping to get the Marc Jacobs version of the Cancer tee (all proceeds go to skin cancer research) but Naomi Campbell is not a bad choice, either.

Love, love, love this skull necklace! Sooo me!

And these watch strap bracelets, too.

It stretches a bit when worn.

As a surprise, she added this vinyl tote. I actually haven't used it.

I love the label inside. It looks so special.

And lastly, this lipstick ballpen, something quite funny and kitsch-y, in a Marc Jacobs 'ugly-beautiful' way.

Thank you Karen!