Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hanuman Antiques

One of the best places in Siem Reap to find unique gift items and home decor is Hanuman.

They sell handcrafted items from Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and other neighboring countries.

It's a little bit chaotic for me with just about every walls and crannies covered in merchandise.

Those figures carrying the gong looks interesting, non?

This piece is from Burma and I quite like it.

As with most any places here in Siem Reap, I don't know what street Hanuman is. I just know it's near Kantha Bopha Hospital and the river side area.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Snack Place

Here's my fave local snack place. They sell delicious Khmer food. I really don't know the street it's located but it's near Hanuman Resort.

Boklahom, a pounded papaya salad with prahok.

Yam springrolls. Delish!

Battered fried veggies. Like tempura.

This one I haven't tried yet but it looks yummy.

iWant still

I keep on resisting because I can't afford it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hill Tribe Bag

The bag I got from Luang Prabang.


I SUPER like what I'm wearing here. The tee I'm wearing is from this Thai label Another Place and I've bought like probably 10 pieces of that shirt in different shades of gray, back and white. The waistcoat is a find from long ago from the thrift store here in Siem Reap. I finished it off with Gap jeans, Converse sneaker, steel bracelet from Bo and this bag that I got from a hill tribe in Luang Prabang. Simple chic.

a Plus Outlet

Just past Phsar Lu on the no. 6 road is a a newly opened thrift store called a Plus Outlet.

Of course, I had to check it out, non? Most of the clothing being sold are Korean brands. It's a little bit expensive at around $1 per piece so I wasn't so keen especially they sell mostly basic tees. You can get those same ones at Phsar Krolayn at a much lesser price. Of course, the difference is that in a Plus it's already on hangers. Here's 2 pieces that I got:

I instantly grabbed this mercibeaucoup, sweatpants when I saw it. Now it's like my go-to pants when I do yoga or just running around the house doing chores and work. I wish I could find more like it.

I also couldn't resist this enzyme washed Levi's 501 even though I seriously don't need anymore jeans. Plus the fact that jeans are heavy and don't travel well because it's so humid now. But I still got it because in my head I'm imagining myself doing grunge and 90's and MTV House of Style and Nirvana and all those random stuff only I can make sense of in my head. Hahaha! It's really like day dreaming when references and inspirations play in my head.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recent Finds

I few moons ago I went thrifting with friends not in my usual hunting grounds (Phsar Krolayn, Japan TS, etc) but in out of the way places I usually just pass by when going somewhere else. Here's a few of my finds:

When I saw this tee I knew I had to get it for my dear friend Eliz. Before, I gave her another statement tee with 'I survived!' and this one will be a great addition to her collection.

This beaded bag is something I wouldn't use but fascinated me to no end.

It's inspiring for me to look at and it doesn't even tranlate as making something with beadworks and such but more about the patterns, shapes and the color.

One designer who I discovered a long time ago is Margaret Howell. Her classic designs resonated with my penchance for a crisp button down shirt. I actually didn't know anything about the brand except I see her ads in past issues of Arena Homme + and obscure Brit magazines. Then I discovered Venetia Scott shot some of their recent campaigns and then I read an interview somewhere about MH's design philosophy and such and I fell in love with her work all over again. So I've been looking for more of her designs. My last visit at Japan Thrift Shop I found 2 MH suit jackets. This knit cardigan has grosgrain ribbon backing in the button hole placket, a delicious detail in an otherwise basic piece. Recently, they launched a new label called MHL by Margaret Howell.

This piece is very Margielic, non? I don't know anything about the label but I just like how it looks.

Helmut and Phoebe

I went crazy bugging my friends in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, San Francisco and New York to get me this particular issue of 10 Magazine featuring their 10 fashion gods. Among the choices it was only Helmut Lang who was not designing anymore and that proves so much his ongoing influence until now (Heller, all the minimal 90's inflected fashion on the runways now). It was my good friend Daniel who came to my rescue and found a copy in New York. I specifically wanted the Helmut Lang cover, of course, (If you didn't know, I'm like an OBSESSED Helmut Lang fan) and true to Mr. Lang's subversive streak, features his passport photo. How cool is that? I'm definitely going to copy him, you wait and see, hahaha!

The maiden issue of Gentlewoman, sister magazine of Fantastic Man, featured the highly influential Phoebe Philo of Celine. Even when she was at Chloe I really admired her style and point of view. Somehow I like designers who make sense when they are interviewed and give sensible conversations. I also like designers that can articulate their collections in such ways that makes connection with real life. That is Phoebe to you and it is acknowledged that the reason why Celine is a style force because she makes clothes for herself and women like her. It's fantasy grounded in reality and not just all about 'chic' and 'modern' woman' and 'glamour and all those cliches.


Top: Giorgio Armani shirt with waistcoat

Bottom: Levi's jeans

Accessories: Herve Chapelier bag, F&H silver belt, K-bond shoes and insect brooches

Hooded Gray Zipped

I've noticed that I've come to favor more of the lazy sportswear outfits in my wardrobe lately. Part of the new sensibilty I'm having came because of two reasons. First, I took up several active sports like running, swimming, biking and yoga. In my bid to become more healthy in my life and to lose some weight, I had to favor activewear to perform well. I remember a classmate in yoga who came in class wearing some polyester blouse and some scarf and I'm sure she was really uncomfortable during class. Secondly, my friend Daniel generously gave me lots of stuff from Alexander Wang and the likes so I can't help but wear those. I'm in love with this sleeveless black sweatshirt tee that's just perfect with my gray Mercibeaucoup sweatpants. And now I remember Bo also gave me a Y-3 sneaker so later on I'm going to dig those. Anyway, here's one hoodie zipped sweatshirt I got from Japan Thrift Shop a while ago. I actually can't wait to go back to Phnom Penh and hoarde all those Uniqlo sweatshirts I let go the last time. Tsk, tsk, tsk, totally bummed with myself.

Top: gray zipped sweatshirt hoody with Hare tee under

Bottom: Only jeans