Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Iron Fairies

Mt friends Loven and Julius had been raving about this jazz bar that they described as 'something you would like'. Given how well these guys know my taste I was curious to check it out. To be honest I haven't really explored Bangkok in terms of bars and restaurants. Ask me about places to shop and I'd probably be clued about it. Ask me about places to eat and I'd be dumbfounded to answer. Usually it's just Somtam and the usual suspects for me. So finally, after we watched a movie, Julius, Norly and I trekked to Thong Lo for this highly lauded wine & jazz bar called Iron Fairies.

Once you enter, a 1920's spiral staircase greets you. It's a very small, 3 storey bar but it's packed with a charm I can only describe as similar to when you enter a bar in Daigon Alley from Harry Potter.

Sorry for the dark pictures but it was dim in there. The darkness lends so much charm to the whole place.

There's just so many things that will catch your eyes. Projections of b&w silent films, a curio cabinet full of jars containing random 'fairy' dusts and bits...

Iron Fairies is also a blacksmith's workshop. Owned by an Aussie who makes metal fairies based on his children's book series. Sadly, I learned late that you can buy one of his creations. When I'm back I'll try to get one.

My friends from San Franciso would definitely love this place since they like their wine so much. The food was simple but delicious. I had some battered prawns with salad and it was very tasty. Their Bloody Mary (my drink of choice when I feel lethargic) was good although it wasn't the best in my book.

I would definitely come back again!

And do check out their toilet because you will find the video of a guy taking a bath funny.

For clearer pictures check this link.

wwa again

My Bangkok trip wouldn't be complete visiting wwa, one of my favest store there.

It was good timing because The Alchemists released their first women's collection and I got to check it out. I couldn't resist so I walked away with another The Alchemists waistcoat with multi-buckles.

I also like the white label collection of wwa. Maybe next time � will buy a piece from that line.

Since I had time to spare before I watched Underworld: The Awakening with Julius I decided to try wwa's snacks.

I think I had sugar overload with Illy's hot chocolate and brownie fudge with cream.

Had another lovely time there.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Shop Therefore I Am

Bangkok is a retail haven for me. It's the mix of high street brands, high end labels and amazing local designers that makes it a winner for me. One recent label that opened with great buzz was Uniqlo and I was excited because they are carrying J+, the Jil Sander collab of the brand. Sadly, the fall/winter 2011 was the last collection and most of it was on sale there.

I love the pieces that I saw and there was this pants I wanted to purchase if it wasn't too similar to the J+ pants I have already. I'll be coming back this March and I hope there will be massive price cuts so it will be impossible to resist buying. Most of it were 50% off so it's really not so bad if you like minimal, Jil Sander style. I ended up buying socks and a tee for my brother.

I went Doc Marten's hunting and when I saw this paisley ones it reminded me of my friend Louis C. who collects DM's like there's no tomorrow. I fell in love with a pewter one but sadly they didn't have my size. So no DM's for me which is a bummer.

I was really surprised to discover Gaspard Yurkievich being sold in ZEN. The selection was more tailored to my liking but there was this pants I'm thinking of getting when I visit again. Impeccable quality and really nice details. I can see my friend JP S. rocking the white button downs.

My sister bought this really nice leather shoes in Greyhound. Too bad their accessories aren't discounted like their clothes up to 60%.

Greyhound is really a design institution in Thailand. Their Muji-esque concept called Project 1.1 by Greyhound has some great minimal pieces. In addition to their popular Greyhound and Another Hound Cafe, they also opened a dessert bar called Sweet Hound.

I don't normally shop in Zara but my sister wanted to check it out and it's screaming Celine, Chloe and Jil Sander in there. Massive sales, too, so all of us ended up with something to purchase. I got this black leather braces for $30. I've been trying to find an affordable and minimal one and it's a good find because it's $100 originally.

A Lab A Laboratory is a label that I discovered in JJ Market before. I love their style direction because it reminds me so much of my designs and a little bit Comme des Garcons-ish. I was pleasantly surprised they have a store in Terminal 21 and have pieces for guys! I couldn't resist and bought this really comfy cotton pants. My friend Toxic will love this label.

PLAY CdG has lots of new pieces. My friend Mike will LOVE this box, hehehe.

I also checked out the newly opened Alexander Wang store.

This Maison Martin Margiela x Opening Ceremony bag was a near purchase but my sister, although she agreed that it's so me, reminded me that I love my bags big and massive like a sack. So I had to let it go although I'm a little bit thinking I shouldn't have listened. Hahahaha!

And hello there to a black Globetrotter. I have a Rimowa luggage but I want a Globetrotter, too. It's just so expensive!

I was looking out for nice bags for my friend Miguel when I meet him in March. This Bottega Veneta is so him.

This Thai bag label called BOYY was also impressive. Amazing quality of skins and hardware that can rival the best brands.

Celine is probably my new fascination and I promised myself this year I'm going to take the plunge and get something. Their cabas with gold foil car print looks cool if you like graphic printed bags and Celine collectibles. I want the sedate all-black goat skin cabas and the silver cuff bracelet.

Went to check out Comme des Garcons.

Surprised to find a similar looking drop crotch pants I found in the Japanese thrift shop. This section is just screaming to my friend Toxic.

This piece will look good on Karl, I think. The boots and tailored detail is his style.

I can't even remember how many stores we checked out in a span of a week.

Family Matters

The main reason I went to Bangkok was to meet my family.

Don't you think my nephew Gino is so cute?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Le Look Bangkok

I went to Bangkok for a week and here's a few of the outfits I unleashed there.

Top - OAK zipped hoodie, bottom - DP pants, shoes - DM's, bag - ArtBerg.

Top - Eairth, bottom - Y-3 pants, bag - ArtBerg, shoes - DM's, necklace - Il Nodo, cuffs - assorted.

Top - Lasala by Jian Lasala, pants - Muji, shoes - DM's, bag - Maison Martin Margiela. cuffs - assorted.

Top - DP 'Baray' top + DP tank + Zara leather braces, pants - H&M jeans, shoes - DM's, bag - Maison Martin Margiela.

Top - H&M tee, bottom - A Lab A Laboratory pants, bag - Maison Martin Margiela, shoes - Soule Phenomenon x DP, necklace - OS 'Birdskull'.

Top - Helmut Lang tee + The Alchemists vest, bottom - Muji pants, shoes - DM's, bag - Maison Martin Margiela.

I must admit I feel more comfortable wearing my clothes in an urban environment. But it doesn't mean I do change my style when I'm in Siem Reap, which is more like a small town. Before my Bangkok trip I edited more of my clothes and chucked more than half of it. Lots of bright colors went out. I realized I'm going back to the neutrals more and more these days so I guess I'm in my dark phase. Strangely, I've been making colorful clothing designs now.