Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quick Post: at the dandy project

Fashion Diary style, me at one of my favest blog, 'the dandy project' by the very stylish Izzy. Picture taken during the second day of the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2009.

Top: Knit wrap top paired with Ann Demeulemeester stripe knit top

Pants: Hugo Boss orange label

Bag: Longchamp

Shoes: Converse

Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Post

Hi guys! I'm in Cosmo Manille, already. My show was yesterday and it went great. If you wanna check out some of the clothes I presented, please see here.

Will update soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fashion Diary : 21/05/09

Tee: blue 'no sense but good idea' tee, white tee from bangkok

Jeans: People Are People

Necklace: my fave skull from HK

Shoes: Muji

Top: Edwin tee

Jeans: True Religion

Shoes: Nike Air Rifts

Fashion Diary: black tees again

Top: Jil Sander (actually it has a dark blue stripe but it blends in so it's almost black)

Pants: Imitation of Christ

Top: brandless tee i got from the thrift shop.

Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs cherry watch necklace

Pants: Levi's

Shoes: Adidas

Fashion Diary : The Frenchies

Top: Paul&Joe

Pants: DP pinstripe

Shoes: Adidas

Top: Dior Homme cut-off tee over a Whereabouts tank

Pants: DP pinstripe

Necklace: skull from HK

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fashion Diary : Common T

My last Bangkok visit yielded a few buys and one of those is this Common T top with a black sueded print on the chest "Young Forever". Isn't it so Ann Demeulemeester-esque? When I go back to Bangkok end of June I'm surely stopping by there again and get some more pieces.

Top: Common T

Pants: DP pinstripe

Accessories: AA bag, skull necklace and Converse

Fashion Diary : Bo Parcon pants

My best friend Bo Parcon is one designer I admire not because we're best friend but because he really makes clothing pieces that are covetable.

Case in point is this twisted seam pants I'm wearing in stretch printed canvas. I just love it.

Pants: Bo Parcon

Top: H&M tee

Shoes: Converse

Necklace: skull pendant from HK

Fashion Diary : 'Rock n Roll' Comme des Garcons

I forgot the name of the artist who did this print. It's actually has a signature on the side. The shirt is from Comme des Garcons. I call it the 'Rock n Roll' print.

Pants: DP skinnies in stretch cotton

Shoes: Converse

Fashion Diary : Rick Owens, Dots

Never mind my twisted head. I was trying to fix my pants when my photographer snapped this. This is not me trying to be pose-y pose-y ala Zoolander.

Anyhoot, the stuff I'm wearing:

Top: Rick Owens tee under an Emporio Armani vest

Pants: polka dot piece from the thrift shop

Accessories: skull necklace from HK, stainless steel bracelet belt from Bangkok

Shoes: Muji

Socks: Happy Socks

Fashion Diary: black tees

Top: H&M tee

Sunnies: Fly

Necklace: skull from HK

Pants: Dries van Noten

Socks: chekerboard from Bench

Shoes: Nike Air Rifts

Shades: blinder style give by Loven from Beijing

Tee: some find from Magarbo

Pants: Levi's 501

Socks: Muji

Shoes: Nike Air Rifts

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Went to KFC for a meeting and I saw the toys they give for their kiddie meal. I want one ;)

DP stuff: 'safety' accessories

'Queen' pin

'bells' bracelet

'black safety pin' bracelet

'black safety pin' one piece earring

'black safety pin' pin

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On The Radar: wwa

One of the most enigmatic Thai brand is wwa. I've known about them through Chuvaness a long time ago and when I passed by Bangkok last year I dragged Kawadjan to check it out.

I was impressed. Their store is a hole in the wall but stocked with weird goodies a Margiela or Comme des Garcons lover would fawn over. I fell in love with a leather belt but didn't buy it. I didn't buy anything at all! I guess it was just not in shopping mood that time. That time their SA told me that they will be moving location in a less secluded area like inside a mall. Wan, the spokeperson of wwa, told me that they're still in their current location and have no plans of moving yet. It's kinda hard to look for their shop because their shop sign is just an A4 computer print-out. But I tell you it's worth finding when you like intelligent fashion.

Last Sunday, my article of wwa came out of The Philippine Star's 'On The Radar' section. Read it here.

I'm going back to Bangkok end of June for some buying trip for Poetry and I will surely check out wwa again. Also included in my schedule is checking out The Alchemists at GOA, another Chuvaness approved brand. Btw, I want to get this bag from wwa if I can afford it. Isn't it so chic and wild?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspiration Board

This is my inspiration board. It's basically just random stuff I find interesting.

Here you see some scrap of fabrics with prints that we've done. Random notes from friends, a tearsheet of an editorial from an old Vogue.

In the tearsheet Christy Turlington is wearing a Helmut Lang tee which I love. I'm also loving the plastic-y texture of the sack bag I got when I bought a crochet scarf from a fair here. This board is basically for my spring/summer 2010 collection. The fuchsia scarf print and the paradise embroidery will be translated into a top, I guess.

The new Maria Luisa store containing a store within a store of Yohji Yamamoto is quite genius for me.

Still into that plastic-y, fake, techno idea. That's what I get when I see the flower sequinned scrap I cut from a t-shirt. And our new 'owl' print on the side with bow tie.

So what to expect for s/s next year from DP?

1. Plastic-y looking, synthetic materials

2. Fuchsia and red mixed with black and white

3. 'Paradise', 'Fake', '90's'

4. Relaxed, loose, androgynous, city

5. Gauze, chiffon, tissue cotton, canvas, acetate, plastic sack, etc.

The Workshop

I think I've posted the look of my workshop here before but anyhoot I'm posting it again.

These two racks contain the initial samples of the collection I'm working at the moment. It contains all the finished designs for my capsule collection for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 09 as well as some pieces of the same collection but for the store.

For someone who loves minimalist designs I'm pretty much disorganized and messy when I'm designing. I like that all the components, fabrics and whatnots in my working table. I can work on several designs all at one time transferring from one idea to the next. It may all not go into production, and only one piece might be made of a particular design, but it's a necessary process I love doing because it's very important for me to experiment.

Here's my accessory board. I hang some of the pieces I designed for the fall/winter 09 collection. I know it's all black! I usually work initially with just black and then diversify to other colors. Honestly, I'm not a big color fan but I put myself away from my rigid color requirement simply because not all my customers respond to just black or darker palettes. That's why recently I've been pushing myself to try working with prints, colors and less 'dark' stuff.

Near my working table is another rack with vintage clothes, designer pieces and sample fabrics. I collect old stuff designed by my fave designers like Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang, Comme des Garcons, Ann Demeulemeester, etc for technical references. Depending on my mood it gets updated and rotated with my more extensive collection in another cabinet. On the side which you can partially see is another accessories board I haven't used that much so we moved it to Poetry.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Portraits of Me

One of the most exciting gift one could receive is a portrait of yourself. I like collecting art especially of emerging artists that I like. There was phase when I just wanted nude artworks from artists not doing nude pieces. There was also a time when I just wanted drawings. Always in the artist's particular style. Of course, I left all those artwork pieces behind in the Philippines. My collection has started recently when Tevy Ouer surprised me with a portrait she has done of me. It's done in her dark, surrealistic and almost cubist style.

Then E.M. Riem also did a portrait of me in his popular 'Toul Sleung genocide prison pics' portrait. It's acryllic done on burlap sack. I think I'm the first one he's done something like a proper portrait of the style. I'm so happy and greatly touched by his generosity when I received this. I thought it's amazing.

Then for my birthday present, a very belated one, Loven surprised me with an Absolut portrait style. It's totally pop art! It has been his style for the longest time and actually it's the second Absolut 'piece' he's given me. The first one was an 'art book' he concocted with funny 'spoofs' of people and stuff that are connected with me. You have to see it to understand what I mean. Of course, this one is an Absolut bottle in polka dots (my love for Comme des Garcons), fuchsia peeking under (my fave color) and the zipper (Helmut Lang, Ann Demeulemeester, punk, etc). A portrait about the stuff I love, love, love!