Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spa Bridal Shower at Spa Riviera

Babes Rivera of Spa Riviera recently invited friends for a Spa Bridal Shower at Spa Riviera. Being the spa junky that I am, I could not refuse Babe's invitation. The food was catered by Afrique's and Pancake House. There were several pastas, meats, and other delicious dishes. We had games like we have to guess what things are inside the basket, not looking into it but just touching the stuff inside. We also designed tissue dresses for some guests. I did Kathy's gown and we won Best Design. They gave us free spa certificates (yipey!). Apres, I just had to have some body massage. I also had some foot massage. Thanks Spa Riviera!

Babes Riviera and daughter

Marichel, Joanne Combong and Kathy Villalon

Kathy Villalon in the tissue gown I designed

Marichel in the tissue gown Jaki Penalosa designed

cupcakes with alex, babe's dog

foot spa!

jaki penalosa


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