Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nora's Eatery

I love eating in small, out-of-the-way restaurants. Carinderias fascinates me especially those that serve traditional Filipino food. Usually you get the real taste of the dish when you eat there. Fancy restaurants usually alter or do some tweaking to a particular dish to suit the taste of their customers. Unlike in these small restos where they cook it the way they cook it at their homes. And it's not commercialized and the produce they use is fresh everyday. Ms. Marichel brought us there, moi, Loven and Ping. We fetched Loven and Ping from the pier. They came from Bacolod and that day was the Loven&Ping Day. I took a leave from office and Ms. Marichel, too, so we could tour Ping & Loven around, do ukay ukay, eat and meet up friends. Anyway the food at Nora's is delicious. The fish soup I had was sweet and the fish is fresh. No fishy smell or taste. They had chorizo, crab meat patties and other stuff. What a way to start a fun day. I'm returning there. And I'm telling you it's so cheap. As in cheap!


giLda said...

aww this made me miss Philippines! I'm jealous haha but anyways I just happened to end up in your blog somehow so I'm just showing some love ^_^

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks for dropping by gilda ;)

Anonymous said...

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