Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm so busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pardon my lack of post here. i've been super busy. i'm working on a major project and a major change of setting.


i was absent from work half day, today. i have been slacking from the enormous and mountainous jobs i've got to finish. plus the orders of clothes and design requirements that i've put off. i need to buy the t-shirts now for an order due thrusday pa pala. waaaaaaaahhhh!

what is happening to me?

what nga ba?


the blues? it's been raining cats and dogs e.

burn-out ako siguro.


david santos said...

Hello, Fuchsiaboy!
Thanks for posting!
Good fhoto and good text.

Faith said...

D,when are you coming here? cant wait na gid ya nga ari na kana di.
can you buy me new preview and yes! magazine ehehheeheh damo damo imo dala? diin ka mahalin? tell me para sugaton ta ka hahahahahah charing!