Friday, September 28, 2007

Ria Bolivar in 'Destruction of Culture' creation

Ria in hand knitted oversize woven blanket 'thread' with fringed pants and metal accessories. Pieces will be used for a Mega Magazine photoshoot.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

marc jacobs and izzue!

I'm so happy! Got a new Marc Jacobs tank and an Izzue printed tee.

marc jacobs tank

izzue tee

Happy Birthday Mike


Where's the party?

Joe-el in Tikalon shirt

So nakakaloka!hehehe

Dinner and Drinks at Punta Villa

Bo, Sarah and John C.

Mike and Jor-el

Aisha and Jaki

Tita Glenda and moi


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time Square parteeh

Party, booze, people, hot, sweaty.

Titit and Bo

Ramlu's friend, Ramlu and Bo


Lunch with Victor Basa

Mr. Basa

Miguel and Victor

Loven, Fate and Elaine


me, stella, jim

Mr. Basa was nice to talk to. Well, we talked mostly about fashion, labels, diets and not so serious stuff. He was polite and somehow very boy-next-door for comfort. We both love Dior Homme and Fred Perry. He's into the Mod right now and it's up my alley. Brit brit drama. I know somebody who was so kilig to meet Victor. Guess who? hehehe.

Coffee Nights

A lazy night




Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm so busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pardon my lack of post here. i've been super busy. i'm working on a major project and a major change of setting.


i was absent from work half day, today. i have been slacking from the enormous and mountainous jobs i've got to finish. plus the orders of clothes and design requirements that i've put off. i need to buy the t-shirts now for an order due thrusday pa pala. waaaaaaaahhhh!

what is happening to me?

what nga ba?


the blues? it's been raining cats and dogs e.

burn-out ako siguro.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

AsFour vs. Campana Brothers

The Campana+Melissa bag

The Campana brothers

Drawing inspiration from Brazilian street life and carnival culture, the brothers FERNANDO AND HUMBERTO CAMPANA combine found objects – such as scraps of wood and fabric off-cuts – with advanced technologies to create a vibrant, energetic and definitively Brazilian approach to design.

Taking their cue from everyday scenarios and using unexpected combinations of found materials – such as rubber hose, tissue paper, string or furry toys –Fernando and Humberto Campana transform modest materials into objects that celebrate the discarded and mundane and are instilled with the spirit of contemporary Brazil that they describe as “zest for life”.

Neither brother intended to be a designer. Humberto, born in the Rio Claro area of São Paulo in 1953, originally studied law, but began to design furniture in the mid 1980s after Fernando, born in Brotas in 1961, had completed his architectural degree.

Central to their practice is the importance of materials. The challenge, as the Campanas see it, is to transform something poor into something decadent and opulent.

AsFour, New York fashion collective

They designed the circle bag, very much like the Campana bag.

Campana chair: the Favela chair, one of their more famous designs

Campana chair

Another Campana design

I believe that design inspirations are not really in a vacuum. It's not as simple as ripping off or copying somebody's design.







Could it be that the Campana brothers and AsFour were inspired by the same thing and produced designs that are quite similar? It's not fair to say one ripped off the other. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fab Crowd at Saffron Spirit Opening

(still under construction. blogger is not in the mood)

Jet Hiz

Alfredo Roca & moi

Kathy V

Buen and Ditas

Pastor Jose and Weng

Chnx with Campana+Melissa bag

Noel, John C., a friend and JP

Saffron Spirit by Loven Ramos