Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fresh and Healthy

I've been trying to eat healthy to counter all the fatty, oily food I like so much. That's quite shocking since I was a strict vegetarian some years back. The transition from going vegan was quite abrupt and I did it without much thought. I was into it quite seriously for about a year and shifted to eating fish, thereafter. About two years ago I began eating meat, specifically pork, after being addicted to bacon and this turbo-grilled pork similar to lechon. Before I was quite a chicken eater and my vice was KFC Hot & Crispy. I seldom eat chicken now. I've never been a fan of beef except for corned beef. For now I can't say I can commit to a vegetarian diet although one remnant of that eating habit is that I still prefer drinking soya milk. Hopefully, I can transition to eating more fibres everyday if I consciously try to make it a choice.    

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