Friday, December 29, 2006

End of the Year Party!

"Hostess with the mostest" in training, Frances "Titit" Pefianco cooked up an "End of the Year" party recently with chef du jour Miguel Cordova and party guy Vince Ascalon. Friends of the trio were invited for some revelry at Afrique's Del Rio where Miguel prepared some palate pleasers of juicy ham, beef salad, samosas, pasta, dips, sauces and other magical treats for the stomach. Needless to say, Afrique's was filled and it spilled right out of the street. Of course, booze overflowed which everyone extended to Flow and the newly refurbished Club Verse. It was a night of the "cheapest exchange gift" (the most ugliest and cheapest gift you can give), Trip to Jerusalem game (where the winners are the ones with the most glam pose) and the latest gossip around town. Seeing everyone laughing, dancing, eating and having a good time, Titit (in her usual high pitched voice) declared the party a winner!

Frances "Titit" Pefianco

Vince Ascalon

Bo Parcon and Ian Alla

Roi Javellana and friend

Roger Besa and Gail Guanco

Jufrey Derequito and Gibby Urbano

Miguel Cordova and Aman Garganera

Katrina Loring and Tyrone Diez

Scarlett French

Tata Fernandez

Vanessa French

Roger and Mae Bedro

moi, Don Protasio!

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