Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hidetoshi Nakata

I love fashion victims. One of the biggest fashion victims the media has dubbed is Japanese soccer superstar Hidetoshi Nakata. (I think David Beckham is more of a fashion victim but I really don't like his style). According to Ms. Chuvaness (Cecile Zamora Van Straten), Hide's the boyfriend of fashion genius, Nicolas Ghesquiere. She should know coz they were among the few who had dinner with the two when they stopped in Manila (check for complete update).

ABathingApe Tee with Heditoshi Nakata cartoon print

Dubbed the "Japanese David Beckham" because of his celebrity status in his homeland, the 29-year-old is considered one of the best players to ever come out of Asia. He played for several Italian clubs and is currently with the Bolton Wanderers in England. Female admirers might appreciate the fact that he's not really into watching soccer. "I don’t really understand why people are football fans," he told London's Sunday Times. "I don’t like to watch any sport so I don’t understand what makes people do that." He's not married. (but of course...)


F said...

Met Heditoshi last December.. he was here in SiemReap as well.. So.. not only did Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Tina and Rico, Rafe and David visited our little town but also soon, you my dear fuschiaboy will be here!!!!!!!!!!cant wait to see ya! muah muah!

bulan said...

Hello there!!
I have a blog about Hide!
Lots of nice pictures too :)