Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bangkok with Franco

I've been going back and forth to Bangkok lately. One of those trips was extra special because my dearest friend Franco invited me to tag along (and he paid for my fare, yay!).

Our friend Mylene also tagged along. It was super fun to be with her ;)

We just crossed the land border via taxi. Our suking taxi driver, Mr. Tee, treated us for lunch in this really charming restaurant near Aranyaphratet.

All of us ordered phad thai and this is the station where they make it.

The place sorta looks like a vintage shop owned by an eccentric cat lady of sorts. Basta it so ecclectic and weird.

Very dumpster slash antique chic. Nakakatuwa ang place!

The phad thai is sooooooooooooo delish!

It has free a salad to go with it. So fresh it looked like it's from the garden.

Mr. Tee also brought us to see this giant Ganesh, a Hindu elephant deity known also as the Lord of Success. Some people who worship Ganesh believe he brings good luck and success.

In Bangkok, half of Central World is now open. I really liked one of the temporary murals they have there. So creative and cute.

Greyhound always has creative window display. Surrealism was their theme and it's quite exciting to see how they took great pains in even frosting the glass window to make it hazy and dream like. Greyhound is probably one of the most popular Thai labels worldwide.

MOD, models-off-duty, a trend popularized by Alexander Wang and his posse clearly inspired two of my best minions, Kawadjan and Franco. Dusty pastel shirts paired with skinny pants is clearly the look du jour of the moment. Take note of how they elongated their necks with the pose and also the complimentary hand gestures. ANTM face-off, isdatchu?

We passed by Gap because it was on sale. I took this picture for Danny. Kawadjan was looking for a classic cardigan and some skinny khakis. Lately, I've been on a hunt for designer-ish khakis and grey sweats, too. Eliz gave me this Frapbois khakis but I don't want to wear it too much.

I also checked out Century 21 and nothing there excited me. Honestly, I'd rather buy the stuff of independent young designers.

Of course, our trip wouldn't be complete without seeing dear Julius. Here's us at iBerry.

This contraption pounded rice and other stuff to make...

...this rice thingy.

Loving some Japanese crepes! I used to only see this in Pacific Friends magazine. I got in-love with Japan from reading it.

Mylene wanted to go to Starbucks for her fix.

But we had to pass Krispey Kreme because the line was soooooooo (3 hours) long.

Then I had to have my Pepper Lunch fix, too. Yum!

Joseph, Aileen and Joshy Beloria prepared a wonderful dinner at their house for us.

Yum, yum, yum!!!

And it was made extra-super special with my FAVEST white chocolate from Royce*

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