Monday, November 15, 2010

Early Morning

One thing I love doing now is an early prayer time with my friends. It's an amazing and humbling experience. At our church we decided to do it weekly in different places around Siem Reap. This time it was at the barai, an ancient Khmer water canal system.

A little early fashion diary:

Top: hoodie vest from Japan thrift shop, thrifted sweater from Phsar Krolayn

Bottom: DP s/s 2011 sweatpants

Accessories: Nike Air sneakers, cap from Japan, Comme des Garcons bag

It's so peaceful and quiet there.

I really miss our prayer time together ;)

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Anonymous said...

hayy,kakalungkot nga eh wala si Blady,ikaw at si Richard(nasa Laos na 4mos)magsibalik na kau!!! ;( cielo