Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Alchemists for 2011

I'm so excited for this! There's just a few labels I truly buy in the strictest sense. I do like shopping and all but I end up buying the same brands every season anyway. One of those labels is The Alchemists, which I have blogged so many times. For this season I feel a more softer mood in terms of color and less of the usual signature asymmetry.

The shirt/jacket reminds me of the first piece I got from the label. The soft gray is love!

The bib/deconstructed shirt is something interesting and new for the label.

My fave though and something I would buy first from this collection is the waistcoat/apron hybrid. Will they have it when I'm in Bangkok? So excited!

The tailoring of the jacket is impeccable. Amazing quality and the fabrics being used are really well thought of.

The white waistcoat wrap looks similar to something I designed before but I know it has surprising details you can't see in the picture.

And that is what truly makes me fall in love with a certain label or a designer, the details. The Alchemists, for seasons now, has been committed in evolving a certain concept and narrative using tailoring and menswear details in a fresh light. Notice the soft pinkish beige top with belt loop on the collar. That detail connects that piece to his continuing obsession of reinventing classic male suiting to adapt to a more forward sensibility.

Here's another waistcoat that I must check. It seems to have a brace detail.

Here's another version with a white strap hanging from the inside.

And finally, a layered waistcoat over an asymmetrical sweater. A darker gray comes into play paired with a slightly cropped slim pants.

Now it's time to save up for these pieces.

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