Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Days in Bangkok

I went on a breakfast date with a friend before leaving for Bangkok, on my way back to Manila for the latest Philippine Fashion Week.

In immigration I spotted this chika girl. Too bad I was afraid of getting a clearer picture of what she's wearing.

I passed by a convenience store to buy water. I got hungry so I bought this Indonesian Satay flavored Pringles. Very interesting. When I was Roxas City recently I tried the Nori flavor. I'm liking all these unusual flavors Pringles is coming out with.

When I arrived in Bangkok I decided to just hang-out at Dean&Deluca.

Free WiFi made it a cool place to just relax and recharge after a long trip.

The garden area is chic, too.

I had some Iced Caffe Latte and Tuna Nicoise Salad.

My first day ended with a very late dinner at Telephone with my very good friend Julius. We spent the whole time blabbing about so many things! I like bonding moments like that.

The next day I spent the whole day going around to different shops and malls. The highlight was finding the new store location of wwa. This Thai label is edgy, cerebral and quite quirky in everything that they do. So the store location follows a concept that you have to 'find it'. This time it was on the 3rd floor of a building with a pizza restaurant and an ice cream parlor below it.

Photos of their new designs greet you and then you know you've found it. No signs except an A4 paper with wwa printed-out.

I was looking for a jacket by The Alchemists, a menswear label that they stock. It's one of my favorite Thai brands. I ended up getting 2 wonderful additions to my growing The Alchemists collection. My first piece is a shirt with pants detail that I blogged here.

This new space of wwa is much bigger than the previous ones. This I think is the 5th space incarnation.

I'm loving a bigger display of accessories.

The black jersey covered seats were kinda spooky.

There's an atelier feel this time. I wanted to just stay there the whole day.

Before leaving for the airport I ate at Hai with Julius. It's my second time eating there and it's safe to say another fave place of mine if you want some real Thai food. Very carinder-eque, I know!

We indulged in double orders of flaked catfish, spicy (and I mean REAL SPICY!) squid and somtam, a papaya salad, with salted eggs. Not so much a meal for champions but definitely something Anthony Bourdain would love.

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You're so ma-Pringles. Noticed ko lang. Tse!