Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Require Comfort And Ease

There are days when I can't defy the weather especially when it's super duper hot. The only sensible thing to do is dress in something comfortable that will allow you to do your work with ease.

Fashion Diary:

top - DP tank top with a little bit of balloon at the hem. Probably one of my most comfy design. If I can live wearing only that top.

bottom - Bo Parcon pants with spray painted details from his spring/summer 2011 collection. It's like wearing sleeping pants but more fabulous, of course. I always get something from Bo's collection whenever I can.

necklace - 'Birdskull' necklace by OS, possibly one of my favest Filipino accessories label. I simply love the concept of OS. I'm so happy they agreed to collaborate with me for my fall/winter 2011 collection and it really solidified the concept I had in mind.

bag - Y'saccs

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Anonymous said...

The next designer collaboration with H&M is Maison Martin Margiela which will come out on Nov. 15.