Monday, June 18, 2012


If I look at the series of clothing and look I wear these past couple of years, I rarely come out with just the basic of a classic button down + straightforward pants. There's always that itch of coming up with a layered look for me. It seems like I don't feel dressed-up when there isn't a third element in my look. Or if it's pared down like a tee then I have to pair it with something skewed like a dropcrotch pants or some element that would render it a little above basic. It's funny because back in college at the height of my minimalist phase, anything that was vestigial in my eyes would be edited out or i will not wear at all. Style do change with time and even with my designs I favor a more layered look. Paring down into an ultra minimalist look is a good exercise to cleanse your palate so you have breathing space to reconsider and somehow analyze the style you really want for yourself. In an age where individuality is celebrated and valued, it's how we look everyday that first defines what we want to project.

Fashion Diary:

top - Stage of Playlord

bottom - H&M jeans

shoes - Jil Sander x Puma sneakers

bag - Y'saacs

accessories - assorted bracelets

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