Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LV For Less

I'm not really an LV kind of guy and I don't collect bags from that label unlike my unhealthy obsession with Y'saacs or the Jeremy Scott x Longchamp collab. Anyhoot, I was thrifting a few moons ago and I was lucky to have arrived in the thriftshop while they were unloading a huge sack of bags. On top of the pile was this Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 and still in good condition except a broken leather lock tag on the zipper and the missing lock&key. There's no major tear except for the usual signs of usage and the changed patina of the leather sections. It was selling for $25 and, although it's a little bit expensive to pay for a thrifted bag here in Cambodia, I'm pretty sure I can't buy that piece for the same amount anywhere else. Although it's a little bit difficult to work around its color, I'm really not a brown person, but I've been using it quite regularly to shoots if I needed to lug stuff. Slowly I'm acquiring more 'brown' pieces like a few Celine and Yves Saint Laurent bags. It's a good foil in looking less serious and morbid especially if you have the predilection for wearing somber tones, like me.

top - Tsumori Chisato tee + DP frayed vest, bottom - DP, shoes - tabi, accessories - Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 + Kinggor pixelated frames

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