Friday, March 22, 2013

Variations Of The Same Sorts

I've always got this affinity for something draped, trailing, some excess fabrics and little bits of off-kilter elements in what I wear. I can't remember how it started or why I've been favoring such look. I always needed some random element to destroy the whole straightforward classicism of dressing even though I favor a very minimalist tone. Someone described my way of dressing as 'post-gothic' but I've never understood the movement nor have any inclinations for melancholic musings or dark fascination, which to me is what most goths are preoccupied with. Or that's what I think they are preoccupied with. I like Japanese designers and Belgian designers but if you know me my greatest obsession is Helmut Lang. And Helmut was never the drape-y sort. Yes, he was the destroyed, trailing-behind-my-back-excess-fabric kind of guy but never the 'Yohji-esque' type. Actually, I only got into Yohji and Comme des Garcons when I understood their process. It wasn't love at first sight thing. I was more into Ann Demeulemeester and her 'practical' clothing propositions. So yeah, I was just thinking about all these things as I was looking at this photo above. Not that I'm really bent on analyzing my style coz who knows what I will wear tomorrow. Preppy might be my new black.
top - Ouki tee + DP draped top, bottom - DP, shoes - tabi, accessories - pixelated shades


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