Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Planet Biyo and other stuff

Orbiting Around

1. I'm up to my neck with work. I've got 3 dresses to finish for clients and my deadline is tomorrow. Despite that you can still see me orbiting around to several places because...well, just because.

2. My Dries Van Noten look is a smash with the press (local) because...well, just because. Told them about the little story behind the look and they love it. Ms. Marichel M. of TNT has a Fino bag that i simply love. I love well-made leather bags.

Eavesdrop on some of the looks I have done this week:

Wearing an Issey Miyake top at the Convention

My gold Globe bag at the Abanilla Mansion

In Issey Miyake at the apartment

In Izzue shirt and Jacob pants at Dr. Biyo's book launch. I'm doing the Dries Van Noten theme.

3. Mwah!

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