Wednesday, January 11, 2006

UNNA's violin recital
this kid amazes me. aside from doing hula, ballet, jazz, acting, modeling, she recently had her 2nd violin recital. and she's only 7 or 8! i was never like that when i was that age. the only thing i can remember doing was cut paper dolls from the magazines. not rocket science at all! kids are like cellphones these days with multi functions. my chums, sol and bella, sure guided this kid well. im pretty sure when she gets really tall sooner, she'll be a shoo-in for the hypenate tribe - multi-talented people with lots of cash!hehehe

BLUR project
a friend, up-and-coming theater director j.victor villareal, asked me to collaborate with him in this art project called BLUR. he wanted to "blur" and mix poetry, music, performance, photography, video, fashion and installation art in one salad bowl. he also got several people to collaborate with him like mask artist punky v. for some installations and masks; theater actor rofel parreƱo; theater director and choreographer jp liboon; actor dora jane balleras; chicago theater thespian sherwin"seven" malaga; actor wowie de guzman for music and other pips i forgot. sorry, hehehe. i got to collaborate by doing the costumes.

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