Monday, January 16, 2006

Rainy Tuesday

Printed matter and other stuff
1. Woke up disoriented this morning. I don't exactly remember my dream but it was something to do with some expected changes in my life. A friend told me that being in a comfortable and safe position in a person life can also mean mediocrity. And i don't want that. If there are envelopes to push, i'm pretty sure that i'll be part of that pushing (coz i'm pakialamero like that! hehehe). Have you ever felt bursting once in a while because you sense, even if you really don't know what it is, that there is something great and exciting that will happen to your life? Like going through a bunch of ukay-ukay because you know somewhere in the pile is a perfectly tailored Yohji Yamamoto jacket. Yes! A Yohji Yamamoto in the ukay-ukay.

2. A lady from Canada called me to inquire about wedding dresses.

3. I'm so into printed button down shirts now. They all have this vintage wallpaper prints or in a subdued paisley. It reminds me of the prints being done by Etro. I haven't found the perfect Etro, yet, but so far i got printed shirts from Paul Smith (English print juxtaposed with cooking utensils! Very Sir Paul Smith), Zara (antique brown with flowers), Izzue (pale blue), non-designer shirt (off-white with greenish print).

I'm evoking the look of Dries Van Noten. I want to look like i just stumbled out of my bed and went strolling down the beach. See below:

I really love this jacket! Will you be a dear and give it to me?

Reminds me of Libertines but Dries has been doing this for so long that he practically owns this look, so, no, he didn't copy the look. With all the printed shirt i got this season, I can really pull this look easily. According to Tim Blanks, Dries based his look on Dali at the beach. See the first model, he does look like a very young Dali, don't you think?

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