Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hello Cambodia!

Im finally here in Cambodia, specifically at Siem Reap where the world famous Angkor Wat is. It does look like one of the remote province of Iloilo. But with the French influence and the Khmers very rich tradition, the wow factor is there. So much to see, so many things to do (not to mention the shopping!). My host is Loven and Fate Ramos, plus Nina You of the Angkor Silk Festival.

We went around immediately. I havent really sorted out my pix but Im posting some of this really cool place we went to for refreshments called Blue Pumpkin (where we had fish&chips, a smoothie of apple, green peppers and honey!, and ginger&nougatine ice cream), plus some pix at the Ramos home with Fate and Coochie (baby Freedom).

Oh, and the pix of the taxi (with curtains!) from the airport.

Blue Pumpkin

Lounging at Blue Pumpkin


With Coochie and Ping

moi doing what I do best-read magazines

moi, Loven and Tita Jaki inside the curtained taxi

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