Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lunch and coffee with Michael

Had lunch with my good friend Michael at this rundown "bulalo"place where they serve a delicious soup of mixed entrails, meat and skin of beef (?), actually I'm not sure if it's beef or pork. It's some kind of animal though. Then we had coffee, actually, nobody did drink coffee coz I ordered iced chocolate while he got himself some shake. Talked about stuff and all. With all the stress from work and all the things we need to do, I enjoy dropping everything for some unhurried moment of bonding with friends.



justinjohn_jordan said...

flash news! it was the four of us who had coffee, how come i could only see two? what happened to the others? hmmm... i can see something romantic in this picture. but as a good friend of these two mortals... i will therefore bond my lips with acrylic and make sure nothing will spill out.
BUT! i will not remain silent forever...bwahahahahahahaha (evil laugh, shadow appears, freeze frame, credits coming out, repeat till fade)

fuchsiaboy said...

yes, it's true. there is something romantic going on but not in the pictures you are seeing. it's with the other two mortals who i purposely did not include. dare me to post the pictures! bwahahaha! (lightning, thunder! cue music from armageddon, fade to black)