Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thank You 2006

Ask and ye shall receive!

My oh my, quite an interesting Christmas and New Year celebration I had. So much food, so much party, so much gifts, so much everything. I've learned to count my blessings coz honestly people there are more unlucky pips out there trying just to survive. But I won't go on being preachy preachy (so not me) here. I'd rather count my gifts which I really love to do. Reminds me of the stuff I haven't got yet. hehehe

So what did I get this Christmas?

1. 2 red Bench underwear
2. Disney mug
3. Paul Smith button down shirt, short sleeve, pale green, perfect for Summer 2007
4. Paul Smith navy long sleeve shirt
5. Eley Kishimoto band style cardigan (super love!!!!)
6. Dolce&Gabanna jeans
7. Cosmic Wonder black tee
8. 2 Vivienne Westwood tee, both black
9. vintage Jean Paul Gaultier bag
10. a block of candle
11. Bench face towel
12. Woods&Gray waistcoat
13. Y Yohji Yamamoto shirt
14. a bottle of wine
15. gift certicates for the spa
16. one thousand pesos
17. a Timex watch gift certificate
18. an oven toaster
19. a 14" colored TV
20. Paul Smith sweater
21. Etro orange sweater
22. Calvin Klein black tee
23. vintage Helmut Lang jeans (i'm guessing circa 2000 or 01)
24. Marc Jacobs button down shirt
25. a bottle of Cetaphil cleanser
26. a Diesel tee
27. a Salad top
28. a box of Belgian chocolates
29. a box of assorted chocolates
30. a box of Vienna sausage in cans
31. Hugo Boss perfume
32. Polo Sport perfume
33. vintage Helmut Lang tank (my friends know I'm obsessed with Helmut Lang, even the one's that don't fit me. I just keep it and look at it.)

and lots of hugs and kisses.

I'm pretty sure I've forgotten a lot of the things given to me. I feel so lucky last year and I'm feeling so blessed this year. I don't know but I just feel I'm going to have a blast for 2007. Even my friend Fate is so lucky, Rafe Totengco gifted her a bag when they had a Christmas drink.

Thank you so much everyone for the gifts you have given me (you know who you are). And thank you also to all the people who gave me gifts even though it was not Christmas yet (yes, that's you Ms. Chuvaness, Mr. Claparols, Mr. Carlos, Ms. Aguadera, Mr.&Ms. Peñalosa, Mr.&Ms. Ramos, Ms. Taleon, Ms. Yap, Ms. Cariño, Ms. Villanueva, Ms. Syching and many more too beautiful to want their names mentioned)hehehe!

I love you all! Happy New Year!


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Anonymous said...

belated merry christmas don.
wow you've got quite a list of presents there. lucky you!