Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mike in his TIKALON shirt

In the spirit of House of Holland that made statement tees like 'Do Me In The Park Marc' and 'Cause Me Pain Hedi Slimane' and also our very own Proud Race with 'You're My Shining Star Ria Bolivar' or my fave 'So Chika Cecile Zamora'. Now comes Tikalon shirt, 100% Ilonggo and sports phrases like the one you see on top 'Ride Me Like Yur Bike Mike', 'Turn Me On Bo Parcon', 'What's Da Plan Ivan?'.

They even made a shirt for me!

'Taste Like Pistachio Don Protasio'

Will post mine soon and the other shirts I saw.

To order email me at I will give the number of TIKALON shirt where you can text your orders and inquire about the price.


Anonymous said...

how much is one shirt? and where can i possibly all the designs available? thanks!

and also, can i ask for a specalized design?

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous.

please give us an email provided on this feature. we'll be happy to send you the details.



bluestain said...

cool shirt man, may ara ba di sa manila? where can I get them?

Anonymous said...

not available in manila. by order only.

Anonymous said...

please email for your inquiries bluestain.