Monday, June 11, 2007


Yes, pips, the flu got me. I still haven't fully recovered yet but i'm doing ok. reminds me to take my medicine. teka muna...

yan, ok, feeling better now. anyway, i was so harrassed with so many work (fashion shows, styling jobs, santacruzan, the orders and all) plus my friends ivan and michael are such party animals that we practically partied every day starting end of may until this june. we always went home around 4am or 5am. the last straw that really broke the camel's back was the after party of joan and fred's wedding. i usually don't throw up when i drink because i have high tolerance for alcohol but stolichnaya, absulot, beer, tequila and wine is not a good mix especially with redbull, coke and pizza. and the night before the wedding, we had malibu and moet pa. nakakaloka. so i'm abstaining from the drink for now.

i cheated. last night i had a glass of vodka redbull. sobra order ni tito john c. and i couldn't say no.

well, i'l be back soon to post some pix.


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