Thursday, June 28, 2007

ice cream on my mind

Last night's rehearsal went great. Apres, we had ice cream at FIC. Was supposed to get green tea but wanted something more refreshing so Bo and I settled for the chunky mango. Ever since it opened here in Iloilo i have ordered FIC's green tea ice cream only. And black sesame once.

Here you can see Bo and John C. enjoying the Very Strawberry

Me with a pint of Green Tea ice cream, Ian having some Mango and Rofel looking like he's sucking something porno.

And when i was in Cambodia, i practically ate ice cream everyday. Like this Foreign Correspondents Club Cafe's 'chocolate in three forms': molten ice cream, a lava cake and a mousse. So delicious and so evil for my Helmut Lang. Ms. M and I shared it though.

They also have flavors like ginger with black nougatine, my favorite. So delicious, promise! (That one is from Blue Pumpkin)

Plus other exotic flavors i haven't tried like kafir lime, dragon fruit, neopolitan and caffe ole.

I've tried garlic ice cream before at Rose Garlic in Malate (or was it Garlic Rose?). Whatever happened to that resto?

No I didn't hurt my eyes. Yes, I'm doing the i-D pose. This is my pose when I experience brain freeze from eating too much ice cream. Then it's time to drink Sinutab. I never learn my lesson when it comes to eating ice cream!hehehe


Anonymous said...

How porno can Rofel get ?

Anonymous said...

John Castigador is a hypocrite!!!!!
When will he stop breathing and stop wasting precious air. Hay worthless relative.